retopo in 2.5


has retopo been removed I dont see it n the mesh options.
I been out of the blender loop for some time so i’m not sure.
if it has been removed is there a better or another way to make a cut(circular) on to a cirved surface?


I believe it’d grease pencil that is used to draw re-topo lines in 2.5 now. :slight_smile:


I actually used retopo without painting so if there is no retopo as it was it might be a problem for me. Especially that I like new fast sculpt.


Guys, I think you use the snap to face option.
It works for extrude, but not CTRL-LMB.


Actually in 2.4 retopo is both paint and just in editing, extruding and creating. Painting is a little tough to get proper results.


From :


[li] Replaced by mesh snapping options and grease pencil snapping.[/li]> [/ul]

So the old retopo paint mode has now been replaced by the grease pencil. For regular retopo, you can use mesh snapping options as found in the 3d window’s header.


Well, I can’t. Mesh snapping is a rather limited, or at least was. One can end up with some vertices on opposite site of the object. I hope they will give back regular retopo in future stable version.


Without retopo in 2.5 it will be a step back in my opinion.

Edit: The above is false. I was just now testing the snap to face and works absolutely
the same the retopo did. So there is no step back but a great coherence now because
retopo did the same that simply snap does. I like it much better now.


No it doesn’t work good. If mesh is not dense enough many snapings are to the back of the object and one cannot place it just anywhere on the surface, but it have to be on vertex, center of edge or center of face, which is not very good, and it for some reason slower than standard retopo in 2.4.


snap to volume… :beer:

also, 2.5 is alpha, I doubt its been optimized much.


I don’t claim that it is not optimized. I claim that in 2.49 retopo is much faster than snapping to geometry.
As a little offtopic, I am really worried by 2.5. It is great in rendering and fast sculpt plus bmesh, but if there will be any features I use a lot that will not be ported, then I am gonna stay with 2.49 at least for modeling for a very long time, and just use 2.5 as a kind of render engine. I know there are some rather critical opinions about 2.4 interface, but I actually like it a lot.

To illustrate why snapping can’t be a good retopo a screenshot with test of retopo (left) and snap to point (right) in 2.49. It took me 20 seconds to do retopo and about 2 minutes to do the snapping with obvious results:

Snap to volume will not do better.


Ok, so I just figured out the snapping options for your suggestions. I’m not going to complain, it works well. I was hoping for a way just to project the verts on to the surface; but being able to move them around to where I want I think is a better idea and flexible for any odd shapes one can think of.

you have some very good points. To drop retopo would be a bad idea, but at this point 2.5 is not fully finished nor do I think its the version blender is pushing. 2.49 is the version for general release. Let’s just hope they put it back in or have a tool with equal or better then retopo.


I was not having any problem in my test in 2.5
Perhaps you had the see the other side faces option enabled? Perhaps your vertice was inside the mesh? I think there is something wrong you did but I will have to test myself better.


Testing with a monkey. Turned on the magnet icon and choose face and closest. Then started to move the vertices of a plane and they snapped to the monkey (and without using ctrl I love this detail of not needing press ctrl). Then I extruded and so and no problem. The monkey was not heavily subdivided, only 1 time to see if it would fail.

I couldn’t reproduce your problem with the monkey. For me this new way of retopologize works greeeeat. I love it. I was using 25545 and thinking seriously of change to it to model now. It seems already able to work on it (and it is even not alpha 1 or even beta). Incredible job of developpers.

There are some feature nobody is talking and perhaps they don’t know they are there. For example: User Preferences / Input / Continuous Grab (so you can move the mouse out of the window and it appears by the other side like we did in max.

I also love the way you can configure now the keys in the Input panel of User Preferences. Now instead of searching for the main groups they are all listed and a little arrow to open them. Greeeeeeat. Compare that to max for example…


Yes Bao, I am using the see-through option, because I have to sea geometry. I checked in 2.5 sculpt and it also have this problem. I am not sure if it can be hardware related (traditional retopo is) but I had the same problem in XSI when I did the snapping to geometry, so maybe this is gfx driver issue.
Are you seriously thinking about moving to 2.5? It crashes on me every 15 minutes or so.


I don’t understand why you have to see the geometry of the back sides if you are snapping to the front sides.

I was checking more 2.5 (25545): Create a box, enter edit mode, select some vertices: no problem; select some faces: they show selected sometimes; select edges: no possible. So it seems I am going to stay in 2.49b yet.


Huh??? At least here i’ve no problems with retopo or selecting faces, edges, vertex or combinations of them, in both transparent or solid view… Maybe a Graphics driver problem???

I’m using windows srv 2008R2 with an ATI Radeon 4830 and Blender 2.5 build 25548.


I tried again (deleted the .B25.blend file where the preferences are stored) and now I can select faces, vertices, edges without problem. I was changing some mapping in the keys and I messed with something probably. But yeah, it works well, my fault.

I love it. It is going to be a great great release.


I found it and it was not a messing with the hotkeys: Go to User Preferences / System / and check VBOs.
Now create a cube, enter edit mode and try to select two edges.

Are you able?


As for me I am able to select and transform but there is no visual feedback to selection. Just another bug - one of hundreds which will have to be eliminated if new Blender may ever be a trustworthy tool.