Retoplogy for animation


Hello guys, I’m new in retopology and I’m trying to retopologize this character body.OBJ (472.2 KB)
to animate it in Maya. So far I realized the crotch and the butt are really bad retopologized because of the deformations I got in the rigging.

What about the face? mouth edges, eye lids, cheeks. Do you think the polygons are following a nice path? what a about the vertex where 5 edges converge? are they well located to have smooth transformations?

What else could I improve?, I would appreciate if you can give me some feedback using grease pencil or any tool you use to make annotations on the mesh. Any tip, trick or online guide is highly appreciated too.

Thanks in advance!!


Take a look at the chars from Sergi.
He is the god of topo.


Hi utiq, overall I don’t think you have done too badly, your edge flow is good around the mouth and eyes, maybe put some more edge loops in. The crotch and butt need more geo, long narrow polygons aren’t what you want in a model. The stars above each side of the mouth look like they might give you some issues. I would try and eliminate those if you can.