Retirement, Hardy Fowler (2D)


Title: Retirement
Name: Hardy Fowler
Country: USA

A super soldier of the scifi future in the years after all of the epic wars have already been fought. He is adjusting to a life that he was never designed for.


A Harry Harrison fan? I really good combination of retro futuristic painting style going on with this, very solid, I like it a lot.


Beautiful render.


Yep, solid stuff, indeed. I like the theme and the implementation, as well. Very nice technique and great atmosphere. I also dig this poster type composition. My only crit is that the story not exactly obvious without the description. Perhaps the only reference to his soldier history is the tattoo on his shoulder. Whatever - gr8 work man! :smiley:

Keep it up! :thumbsup:


Thanks for comments everyone, sincerely. I love reading them.

Zocsi, I know exactly what you mean and I gave that exact issue a lot of thought. I had even tried some other things to make the ex-soldier deal even more apparent (bar code tattoo on his neck, bullet like scarring everywhere). In the end, I liked the look with more subtle clues and I thought that the haircut, tattoo and amputated leg all seemed to point to former soldier adequately.


Hehehe. I like how he’s carrying the little piggies (cute). I love your pigs. They’re well formed, simple but cute and believable. I’m not sure I like the spinal column-like design of his prosthetic leg (I get what you were going for, but it doesn’t quite look right), although the knee portion looks fine. And it could use a better “foot” (even racing blades have a flattened end to push off from; and this one it just too narrow; like a curved peg leg). I like the design of your character (he’s big; and I like the stylization of his anatomy; not too distorted so it’s still believable, but areas like the neck are exaggerated). His proportions are pretty good as well, and I like the simple costuming with the overalls. I’m sure working on the farm will give much use to his massive muscles, but also some peace and communion with nature after whatever he’s been through. Overall, a very lovely piece, so keep it for your portfolio. Keep it up. Great job.


linainverse23, thank you so much for the thoughtful response. It sounds like you keyed in on a lot of what I was going for. Thanks for taking the time to reply in such detail.


Hey! I really love your work Hardy! Congrats maaaan. :buttrock:


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