resym Make a symmetrical Mesh


Hello guys,

Im looking for a way to resym (make again symmetry) the mesh i have.
The client made a couple of changes directly on the “SKINNED” mesh and i need to copy those changes into the other side (-X)

Do you know a tool to mirror the +X vertex (moved from the client) to the -X?
Im loking for something like this:
Maya scripts Quick resym / switch

I will appreciate your help.

BTW. I tried using the MAX Skin Weight Tool and didnt work.


export in to mudbox and do a mirror x…
reimport it to maya and do a transfer attributes…

i havnt tried it but it could work…


These ‘changes’ didn’t involve adding/removing topology did they?
If so you are going to be in a bit of a stickier situation.

But hopefully they are just non-topology shape changes.
If this is the case you could def use something like Mudboxe’s or Zbrush build symmetry tools. (I haven’t used Mbox, but oglu knows his stuff…but I have done it in Zbrush)

Or, just import an old symmetrical version of your model into the scene and load it as your base mesh for the good ol absymmesh.
Still works in 2013.ext…probably 2014 as well.
That little tool makes sooo much bad stuff good.
Hope that helps.


Hi oglu and animatedfox,

Im really sorry for the late answer.
I couldnt solve the Problem.
I just skin everything again. Sad. I know.

After I made the whole skinning process again i found that the client cut the model in the middle, combine the meshes,but he forgot to merge the vertices in the middle.

I couldnt believe it.

BTW i tried your proposes and Im happy to share with me this trics.

Thank you guys!



this is what I use to make my models symmetrical:

you will probably have to correct the UVs after that. If you need a way to join the overlapping seam, use a merge vertices operation with a very low tolerance:

polyMergeVertex -d 0.0001 -am 1 -ch 1;


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