Resurection, Juan J. Gonzalez Diaz (3D)


Title: Resurection
Name: Juan J. Gonzalez Diaz
Country: Espana
Software: (Other), LightWave 3D

A dark image inspired from a old drawing of a chatedral in Czech Republic. Heavy mesh modeled in Modo, to get a final scene of about 3 MPolygons rendered in Lightwave.

I hope you like it …


very impressive modeling, lightining, ambiance, textures, etc. etc… in short: everything impressive in this scene!.. :slight_smile: congrulations.:thumbsup:



very good idea and such a good job.

4 stars from me.


very impressive, the lightning is really good aswell as the modeling, overall an excellent image :slight_smile:


this is a great pic. well modelled and well lit. however, i think the volumetric lights are overkill. id like to c this image without them, or maybe with them just subtly showing. rite now, all my attention is drawn to the rays of light instead of to the beautiful modelling, and the great lighting work behind it.

still though, nice image!


Great work especially the modeling.
The minor thing I would say would be the lightning as Abigor already mentioned. Personally I think it’s a little too much.
My idea would be to reduce the volume light completely or to concentrate the volume light in one spot at the steps. Afterward put a person into that light to give it some dramatic expression.

Nevertheless it’s a great pic. If you don’t wanna work anymore on it just forget my comment.

  • That’s quite a model.
  • The volume effect looks like something from a horror film. :slight_smile:
  • It must have taken quite a while to model all that detail. Good job!


Nice one :thumbsup: !
I would suggest adding some stars, perhaps the moon on the background. Any evidence that it is the sky actually.


That is really a awesome work done by lightwave!



Yeah that Lightwave sure is talented.

Great piece Juan,Czech cathedrals sure look impressive and your style is very refreshing :slight_smile:

Keep it up


Amaaaaazing dude. I love it…i don’t know what else to say.


the attention to detail is impressive.


Wow! That looks really amazing :eek: (reminds me of the transformation of Fiona in Shrek 2 :wink: but that was blue light )


Thank you for your comments, and of course, thank you for the front page :slight_smile:

Here you have a solid image before texturing or lighting, and a wire of all scene inside Lightwave, after model all elements in Modo.


Amazing. Outstanding piece!! Nothing more to say.


I find it a very nice model - the streaking lighting is way over the top for me, really. I prefer the lighting of the day-lit image you posted.

Thumbs up, though :slight_smile:


muy bueno todo el trabajo, felicidades


I like it very much! Beautifull model and great ambience! Should be a scary view for someone who passes by :slight_smile:


Great concept with the light shining out like that - Well executed with awesome photo-realism. I really like it.


Nice work, the modeling is cool and Im really feeling what you did with the emmiting light.