Resume Wall size restrictions??


I have been searching but haven’t found any information pertaing to resume/advert size restrictions for the resume wall. I have a 2’ x 3’ resume(personal advert).



I don’t think there are any set rules, but most people had their stuff letter size. After all it’s considerate for everyone else. I would say bring the big one and also one letter size thing and see what’s up there. You can see in these pictures (from the last SIGGRAPH) that most is letter size:

resume wall 1
resume wall 2
resumes 1
resumes 2


Just a small question. are resumes posted on walls even looked at by high caliber companies?


Just from looking at the photo’s of the board there i’d say that the size of the resume doesn’t really matter. What I’d be concered about is making my resume stand out.

How many plain white resumes are on the wall there? Why not print your resume on the brightest coloured paper you can find, or even make it 3D in some way. Anything that will grab the attention of someone walking past!



The only problem I would see is that you would tick off other people posting resumes by taking up more space then needed, to the point where:

A> Someone will rip it down. I have seen this happen at previous siggraphs, if someone posted their resume page by page as opposed to simply stacking them. Theres going to be a lot of resumes.

B> When there is no room left, people will post their resume on top of yours.

The best bet is to sent resumes in advance, so companys who are interested will setup an interview before you even get to siggraph.


thanks for the info guys. One last question when can the resumes be posted the 8th or the 7th because I see that there is registration from 6 - 8pm?



You can start as soon as they open, on Saturday August 7. That happened last year, and also that was the way it used to work when the Career Center was available in past conferences.

Actually the convention center opens a bit earlier, sometimes I’ve arrived not much later than 6pm and you could already see dozens and dozens of people with their badges and goodies.


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