I recently completed Leigh’s texture painting workshop and am keen to practice. I’ve modelled this local Italian restaurant and am in the process of unwrapping it for texturing. My architectural modelling is not that great but it’s a start. Just base colour at the moment. Modelled in Blender, rendered in Brazil (via Rhino).


Hey man,

Looks like your off to a good start! Could you maybe fill us in on a few more details about your project so we can better offer feedback? Do you plan on showing interior shots? Is this an actual building your recreating? If so, could you link to a few of your reference images?



At this stage I’m planning on doing the outside, but I do have interior walls (not separate rooms though) and might do some inside work later. It’s basically just for practicing my texture painting.

I’m using a real building for reference, but I don’t want to just use photos of that building for the textures as that wouldn’t give me much practice in creating believable textures for non-real buildings. I’ve modelled the building fairly accurately though, and am using the same colour scheme approximately. I’ll be adding set dressing later and will probably do some work on the actual street.


Started texturing the main walls.


A bit more work. Some detail.


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