[resolved] Quad draw locked on a mesh


I was working on a mesh and I think I did a wrong move, I don’t know what and how to get back.
Now, I can’t do quad draw on this mesh, like it was locked. The cursor turns into a O with a line, and the polygons stay gray, they do not turn deep blue as usual. Can’t pick faces, edges or vertices.
I tried to export it as an obj and import it again, but the issue is still here.
Quad draw perfectly works on the others meshes.
Help please?

Ps: Working on Maya 2019


Ok, don’t mind this subject, I just figured it out…
My normals were inverted! Stupid as that. :shushing_face:


I’ve got exactly the same problem but the normals are fine, does anyone know why it happens? In my case the polygons show up blue, I just can’t edit anything, there’s the block sign all the time.
I use maya 2022.3