Resolutions Embodied - Elaeria's Anatomy Thread


Okay, so baby steps right? I am so intimidated by anatomy right now. I’ve been struggling with it since the beginning of my “Release” pic and I am so bound and determined to get better! graaaaarrrrr Hehehe. :stuck_out_tongue:

I figured the best way to give myself some motivation is to declare this publically…Imma gonna draws me some peoples!!! In all seriousness… this is my attempt to get better at anatomy and start doing something less cartoony…

I’ve been looking through these forums sheepishly and have resolved to aim for the standards here. I figure if I aim high, I will constantly have goals to accomplish here, right?
At any rate, wish me luck! takes a deep breath and dives right in


You can do it Meredith! :bounce:

Let’s go, sister! :thumbsup: looks around for work whereizzit? :smiley:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



Heh heh…let me get to a scanner first… :twisted: That, unfortunately will be tomorrow…so I’ll post some stuffs from my sketchbook then.

Lemme see what I can cook up tonight on my wacom for you though.
Geez yer impatient Rebecca! HAHA! Just kidding…soon enough though lady, soon enough.



twitches ok…I can wait twitch :scream:


Just a quickie cause I have to get to bed shortly…big day of drawing tomorrow…HAHA!
Here’s one that took me about 20 mins in photoshop…I would prefer to do this on paper, but well…the wacom was here…and well…anyways… :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll post some of my more recent sketches tomorrow after I’ve gotten a chance to scan them.


We’re going to give you a grayscale workout! :smiley:

Have a good night. :wink:




Hi Meredith! Brave of you to start with the feet - most difficult part I think, after the hands of course :slight_smile:
Good luck and looking forward to see some more!


Hello fellow Waterloo-er :thumbsup:

Yep, brave for starting with feet! I always struggle with them too. Rotten things to get right but you’ve got a good start with your foot study. Maybe more attention to the shading and the creases would give you a more realistic look but looking good for 20 minutes.


Thanks guys! Yes, I know it was crazy of me to start with the feet. :smiley: I seem to be having some sort of block in my mind when I attempt gesture so I thought I would focus on one part of the body for a bit, then try another, then another…perhaps this is a bad idea, but it seemed logical to me. Heh heh…logical art…BUAH HA HA! Sorry…it’s still early when I’m posting this…:shrug:

At any rate, I look forward to doing more. Unfortunately this full time job of mine won’t allow for a day full of sketching, but I brought my sketchbook today to do some work at lunch. Hopefully I can post something for you after lunch. I will also try to get my other sketches scanned in for you too.

Hey Amerasu! A fellow Waterloo-ite?? YAY! Are you a student here or working? Nice to meet you all!
Take care all!:smiley:


Hey Amerasu! A fellow Waterloo-ite?? YAY! Are you a student here or working? Nice to meet you all!

Work full time (at home, lucky me :)) and live here in Waterloo with family. I wish I were a student again!


Okay, these are various sketches from my sketchbook from the past month.

This one was practice in posture from a book on anatomy in comic book art:

Below: My sketches while working from Sarah Simblet’s “Anatomy for the Artist”

And lastly, an image from one of my many bridal magazines just for fun. I think I was working on getting proportion right here…:

Sorry the image quality isn’t so hot. I’ll get something better in here eventually.


I think the second drawing is nice and strong! The one from Sarah Simblet’s book. I also have that book. It’s beautiful… def one of my faves.

The proportions in the 3rd drawing seem good though I can see that her left shoulder is off. It looks too far forward and a consequence of that is that her head/neck also seems slightly off kilter. I think you did a nice job on her hair though, and the folds of her dress. That’s something I struggle with - drapery and folds!

Nice work :slight_smile:


Thanks my fellow Waterlooian! Hehehe.
I think the second one I’m most happy with because it’s one I’m most proud of…I did that this past summer while sitting on my porch and just pouring through the Sarah Simblet book.

I’ll be working on some more tonight. Back to the Wacom I go!




Hey there, :slight_smile: would you mind if I did a little paintover of your foot? sounds like a pedicure, but no :slight_smile:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



Not at all Rebecca. Go nuts! :slight_smile:
I would appreciate the help. I’m sure one of the issues with it is the heel…kinda looks like a tennis ball was surgically implanted into it. Ha ha!

At any rate, I will look forward to any suggestions you would like to offer.
Thanks Teach!



Though this is far from being a perfect paintover, I thought that it might help to give some ideas for a method / direction in which to possibly take your render ~ bear in mind this is only a suggestion. :slight_smile: Hope it helps!

[left]Cheers, :slight_smile:



Erg…sorry it’s taken me so long to reply to this.

Thank you so much Rebecca! :applause: I appreciate you taking the time to put this up for me.
I have done a bit of work on the rendering of this foot sketch at home, so I’ll try to post it in the next couple of days.

Work has been nuts lately, as well as all the appointments that come with planning a wedding. (June 10th, YAY!) leaving me with not much time to practice. I am craving it though. :sad:

More to come!



No worries! Congratulations!!! :applause: I think a wedding takes priority over a foot rendering, no? :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



Ahahah :scream: you think ?

Congratulations Meredith,
Best wishes for the next . :slight_smile:

is it a spam ? :curious:


Aww, thanks so much guys! Yes we are very excited. :cool:

As for it being more important than rendering that foot…I dunno…if I get this anatomy thing right eventually, I’ll be dancing in the streets!! BUAH HAHAHA!