resizing imported (merged) scene problems


hi all

i have problems with resizing a scene-null containing a scenes objects and stuff, merged into another scene. theres an animated object disorted by a lattice and when i resize the null containing them its not resizing everything uniformely (im not talking about the typical uniform scaling), but shifts the objects in different directions instead to just scale them uniformely and in fixed place.

why is that happening and how can i fix it…

thanks for help


Are you scaling the Model in Branch mode? (Or with just the model null selected and Child compensation OFF)

Generally, whenever you’re transforming a hierarchy that includes deformed objects and it starts going crazy, it means you’re doubling up a transformation - ie. scaling both the deformer and the deformed object - so the object gets a double whammy. Another example is scaling both a skeleton hierarchy and its envelope object.

Hope that helps,


yes i tried everything… no matter if branch-selected or not, it’s messing up the scaling or translation. as you mentioned already there are different deformations already in the imported/ merged scene itself. but i’m still surprised it can’t perform a clean, uniform fixed scaling without moving the objects in weird directions and stuff.

what shall i do? i have to move the imported scene to a desired place, but i can’t do it like this if it’s messing the stuff up…


The animated objects aren’t animated globally are they?

You could take a look at the animated objects in the schematic view, with all connections visible. That might reveal the problem.

Tough to trouble shoot…if you post a scene I can take a look.


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