Resident Evil: Retribution Opens to $71.1M Worldwide


That’s a really good point. Her fear no doubt makes her much easier to relate to, since she embodies how we’d imagine ourselves in the same situation. It’s the kind of great character writing that’s become rather rare in Hollywood, especially blockbuster action/sci-fi films.


That’s just because women are not as funny as men. Those examples you posted were popular because they were funny(Jonah Hill excluded). Don’t really think that’s man vs woman issue.

If you think of some of the really funny women, they do get lead roles, regardless of their looks.


That’s another gender, not sex issue.


Aw come on. Have you never seen a woman park her car in a tight space? It´s hilarious.

And thus the bottom of this thread has been touched, LOL.


actually, that was its peak. :smiley:


Wanda Sykes’ agent needs to score her a lead role in a monster action movie stat.


17 last March. Got my first car the same week and was mugged for €2,580 for insurance, which means I must be adult enough.


Yes I think so on both. Uma was good in KB, she showed an underlying simmering and focussed determination for revenge which was very skillfully done.
The Hunger Games girl transition from an average country into warrior was nicely done too. It will be interesting to see how much further she develops this in the next films. I haven’t read the books, but I am guessing she will continue to develop as a warrior and into a leader of sorts.


For men too. That was one of the things that made Rocky special. That last night, admitting that he couldn’t win catapulted the movie above the typical fearless action flick.

I don’t think the male/female problem is really as technical and scientifically marketing driven as Evolucian implies in his post.The great action stars of the late 70s, early 80s defined action summer blockbusters as we know them through their own push and power. Starting with Bruce Lee, they created a superhero version of themselves and got a string of movies tailor made to -their- character. Stallone wrote his own scripts, Seagal’s original movie was claimed to be semi-autobiographical, Schwarzenegger audited all his scripts after T1, van Damme redefined martial arts sequences with his own ballet/gymnastic style.

The only real exception was Bruce Willis but that’s just an anomaly produced by massive acting talent, like Ripley.

So the problem is that there are not enough women who want to be an action hero and build their every skill and ability to that purpose. One of the few who did, Michelle Yeoh, absolutely triumphed.

It seems that most women who get the chance to do anything they like in Hollywood prefer to make movies “with meaning” and so end up producing stuff like “Lost in Translation” or “BF Greek wedding” instead of mindless action movies.

EDIT: PS, I just have to add that Milla Jovovitch(sp?) is one of those few who has powered herself into a pure action hero status and I find it infuriatingly unfair that her credit is watered down just because she’s beautiful.


Timothy Dalton also portrayed a James Bond not immune to fear.

Thing is, it´s been decades since the advent of the first lead action heroines on the silver screen.
Some worked because they were pretty/sexy/curvaceous/bodaceous.
Others worked because they were fine actresses.
some because they had a good script.
Or a good director.
Or people came to see the monsters they fought.
it doesn´t matter what excuse was used to channel people to the theatre.
What matters is that it worked.
Masses flocked to the theatres where they were treated to action heroines in lead roles and, to everyone´s disbelief, they didn´t die in horror from it.

You can have profitable female lead action movies.


i prefer Kate Beckinsale myself, so i can tell you right now her acting and her good looks have little to do with each other when film or acting performance reviews come around.


watched it. worst movie I’ve seen in a while.
and there will probably another one (again) which is even worse.


I just had to add as well…
This left sooo bad taste after watching this… Can’t even go for mindless fun any more.
I was big fan of RE from start but every movie, one after another lowered quality and finally what we have?
Sequence of slow motion action shots with chicks in model poses, all of that loosely connected with really bad story and soooooo bad lines that I was laughing my ass out how BAD they were.
I mean cmon!!!

Is this where Hollywood is steadily going for the last couple years? VFX getting better and better and movies are worse and worse…
If that is a case. please kill VFX and get back to good movies instead. PLEASE!


To be quite honest, I have to wonder if a lot of people go see these movies with misplaced expectations.

If I had gone to see Catwoman without having any idea of what I was buying a ticket for, I guess I could be genuinely disappointed. However, I think that The RE film franchise has made it very clear since several years ago that it is a TERRIBLE franchise. With that in mind, it should come to nobody’s surprise that this new film is as terrible as the previous ones (although it’s quite understandable that we’d still want to keep our hopes up). Not criticizing here, of course, but I guess that accepting things for what they are (especially knowing in advance what one thinks they are) makes life easier. :slight_smile: (I know I’m just speaking for myself here… Just sayin’).

I still plan on watching this film (although I’ll wait for the DVD release). And I know exactly what I’ll get… An excruciating experience, mildly soothed by Milla Jovovich in skin-tight suits. And probably good VFX, of course. No more, no less. Maybe popcorn. :cool:


why must we be out of a job for script writers, directors and the actors to do their jobs properly? :curious: dislike!


Well I finally got around to seeing Resident Evil 5 tonight. Went to the cinema with some of my friends. Milla looked the same as ever. She carries the whole show as usual and was able to still do all the action scenes to the same high standards, all credit to her.
But to be honest, the film was much the same old stuff repeated and still no end in sight. They really should have come up with a good finale this time, instead of apparently dragging it into a sixth film.
I came home and watched the original RE and it wipes all the others out for originality and good scary stuff. The effects in RE5 are of course much better, but that isn’t enough to save the film from a tired thumbs down from me.


the way retribution ended is how it should have begun!! just mindless action. I like Paul Anderson. But the writers need to think about moving the story forward and make it more interesting.


If you understad both logic and venn diagram, you can have good story AND vfx.

Insert the obligatory Real Steel, even if someone might said, not that movie again…


I am extremely lenient when it comes to bad films and I like some films the majority think are real stinkers, but even I couldn’t find anything worth following in this movie. It really accomplished next to nothing.


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