Resident Evil: Retribution Opens to $71.1M Worldwide



"The Box Office Report has been updated with studio estimates for the weekend. Click here for the full box office estimates of the top 12 films and then check back on Monday for the final figures based on actual box office.

Milla Jovovich returned as Alice in Resident Evil: Retribution and the fifth installment topped the domestic box office with an estimated $21.1 million. The Screen Gems release opened in 3,012 theaters and averaged $7,005 per site. Made for $65 million, the movie earned another $50 million overseas from 50 territories for a worldwide total of $71.1 million. The previous film, Resident Evil: Afterlife, took in $26.7 million domestically and $39 million internationally its first weekend. IMAX theaters accounted for $6.1 million of “Retribution’s” total worldwide with $3 million coming from domestic locations and $3.1 million from overseas."


Gun Babe sells.

And I’m sure including Li Bing Bing (?) helps Asean market. She was here in Malaysia to promote the film.

I guess there will be more RE to come.


The “female-lead action movies don´t sell” camp is running out of excuses.


I am amazed it even scored that high with this being like the fifth installment of the series. When did zombies grow worms in their mouths as extra mandibles?

Great Ideas be praised. :bowdown:


Its not an action film in the same vein as a Bruce Willis or Steven Seagal movie where the action lead is almost the entire draw. I think they tried that with Long Kiss Goodnight and Cutthroat Island but havent really made an effort since.
This is more like an Alien movie but with a more obvious t and a element.


No accounting for taste I guess…


Not much else available for the same market audience I would suspect.


The RE movies are a guilty pleasure of mine. Sure they are corny as hell, but for a night of beer and popcorn, they are actually pretty good.

I’ve never seen one in the cinema, but I own all the movies on DVD (not so much a BluRay purchase), and will probably add this one to my collection. :wink:

I find it really interesting how each film is essentially a take on a different genre, from the Haunted House, to the Post Apocalypse zombie films.


Didn’t see this one coming.
I was dead sure this was going to flop bigtime.
What i can say for sure after this, is that i definitely don’t know the world i live in.


From Long Kiss Goodnight Wikipedia, bold mine:

" She is stripped down to her slip, bra, and panties, bound with rope by her hands and feet to a waterwheel, and repeatedly lowered into ice cold water until near drowning. During this process, her real identity fully resurfaces she, kills Daedelus, escapes, kills his henchmen, and frees Hennessy."

I think the element was obvious even back then.


Things that flopped didn’t get made fifth time. RE is movie based on on a game targeting video game fans and gave them what they wanted. Something a person will not miss looking at Scarlett introduction in The Avengers.

The problem with DOOM is that The Rock is the bad guy. Hence, budget is 60 million, box office is 55 million (from Wikipedia). Hence, second one wasn’t made (from the wiki, if the first was successful, they plan to make a second one).


Every now and then, people - especially young people - want to watch a film that is pure action & entertainment.

I guess that Resident Evil made good money because of that?

Maybe there wasn’t another good action-flick in cinemas at this particular point, so RE made some decent money filling that role…


To be fair, if the female lead was unnattractive or even just of average looks, the film probably wouldn’t have done as well. The fact that she’s in a skin tight outfit showing off her body sells it. The posters don’t sell her as a zombie fighting heroine, they sell her as a bimbo with a gun.

And before anyone says that male leads are always attractive too - they aren’t. Male leads rely on wit, intelligence, courage, bravery, charm and other positive attributes for appeal. Women have to rely on their tits, arses and faces.

Sigh. Nothing changes.


That was one of the things they used from the video games


That’s because the Movie SHALLOW HAL was actually a documentary based on all MALES, and a true story too!


Was that a crit or a reality check? :wink:


Neither really. Just my thoughts on the matter.


Come to think of it she also is in her underwear in Cutthroat Island (adjusted to the time period).
Although not for the entire movie.

Then again they used to have that in Prehistoric monster movies and the beach party genres and mixtures of the two like Horror of Party Beach


Of courses nothing changes. Action movies are marketed to boys and men. Not girls and women.

Male characters are portrayed as such because the audience relates to the fact that they can step into the lead’s shoes and be that hero somehow in a MacGyver type of way. “Wish i could do that”

Female characters cannot get a “Wish i could do that” from a male audience no matter what they do or how smart their characters are. They have to rely on things that women can “sell” to men. In an action flick, you’re left with sexy outfits, limber acrobatics and explosions with sweaty women walking away.

Why do you think Michael Bay does so well. You give him a $10000 budget and he’ll still be able to add two more 0’s to that figure in revenue. He knows and plays the audience.

As for making an action flick with a “smart” female lead, that’ll happen as soon as the majority of the action film audience is women.


Something they lifted from Resident Evil 4 the game. Instead of zombies they went with parasitic implants with an end-of-the-world cult built up around it. Pretty cool idea in the game.

What surprised me looking at the trailer was just how much they keep referring back to the games, that had to be Wesker. Last one I saw was the 2nd movie but I expect Hollywood to know best and ignore the source material.