Resident Evil Poster Contest - Finalists Chosen


The poster contest is over and is now open for voting.

What do you think of the finalists?


Those are the finalists? :shrug: I mean, I kinda like the one to the far right (overly-skinny proportions aside), but the rest? 1, 2, and 3 are completely BLEAH, and the fourth one shows an utter contempt for originality (isn’t that graphic from the Frighteners poster?!). edit: Okay, not The Frighteners, but I know I recognize that graphic

/me retches


I saw the entries and they don’t appear to relay the feel of RE. One seems like it’s for a western another one seems like a static like tv screen from the movie “The Ring”. One also seems like a computer virus (of a face) from some movie I’m sure I’ve watched before (can’t put my finger on the title though). Three of the posters, I don’t remember seeing those particular images available for use for the contest. I might have overlooked it. Over all though, congratulations to the finalist. Everyone has their own artistic taste/style/vision.


Yah, looking at those final selections…I think I’d have to agree with you,
I’ve seen much better poster designs here on these boards than those finalists…


I actually like the Second one. It uses the references in a way I didn’t expect and would take great advantage of the large Movie Poster size.

Interesting choices…


I agree with you about number 2, its interesting…but all that dull brown filtering seems to give it the feel of some old western movie or something…it doesnt really seem to relate to a movie featuring hi tech sci-fi, guns and mutated zombies.

and the 4th choice looks too much like the movie poster for “Lawnmower Man” to me.

Just strange choices overall (in my humble opinion).


“No gun to camera/no shooting to camera”

Remember that was in the Guidelines? So then why is two or more to the point was was the REFERENCE to number two even allowed into the contest?

I could never square that. It makes no sense.

The finalist poster reminded me of that.


To me it looks like that one face from a scene Lawn Mower Man…

Anyways, only ones that have even the slightest potential are 1, 3, and 5.


Also I noticed that a couple of the poster designs have images that even werent posted on the contest site for use.

Are they original photos maybe?


I have to say I like and have voted for the second one, amongst the barrage of film posters on the Tube, I would have actually stopped to have a look at that one.

I think you were allowed to use your own material as long as you could prove it was either originally yours or royalty free.

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Yeh, not to impressive:shrug:

They should have chosen mine!:sad:


I voted for the second one as well…

if everyone thinks alike, then nobody is thinking.
crap. I don’t think I’m thinking.


They have a cr@p slow server so the thumbnails are taking about 3 mins to display hmpphhhh…

LiQ, wasn’t one of the guidelines stating you had to be US Citizen to take part ???


those all look like photoshop filters gone HORRIBLY wrong!


I really dont like the third one. Looks as though has one basic element other than the text. A really bad quality photo of mila jovovich and thats it.

LiQ - yours should have been up there.


Yeah I entered the poster contest for the first Resident Evil. Never really did get around to finishing it but it was a fun photoshop exercise and just fun to do. Did this about an hour and a half before I went out for a new years eve party.


I dont think the images really capture the feel of Resident Evil…I mean why use tones around Blue? this isnt no hi-tech movie, even trying to capture the coldness of Resident Evil doesnt suit it coz i see Resident as more of Red and Black (something more sinister) than anything else.

DannyDreams - Your image is actually better than the ones ive seen, except the colour. Shame it werent finished dude.


evo_supra - I see what you mean about the blue etc but i can’t help feel that you have been influenced by the red dress that Mila is wearing on the front cover of RE 1.

Nice image Danny Dreams


HAHA well ive mostly been influenced by the game itself more than anything else. You could say she’s dressed red for a reason…shrugs


i actually like the second to the last best(i think thats the one) where she is facing a whole bunch of zombies with a bluish tone. i think that one works best. Theres not any zombies int he one everyone is voting for.