Resident Evil Inspired Zombie WIP.


Hey fellas, I’ve finally got time to put some work in on this again, I’m still working on the textures so expect more blood and gore. Oh and the foot has been straightend out until I have bound it to a skeleton.

Here we go,
As promised in Tim Appleby’s female resident evil character thread, I thought I’d have a go at knocking up a zombie within the same specifications that he adheared to.

So this is where I’m currently at after 2 days work, the model is about done (6,000 tris). Next up I’ll rig it then get on with the texturing:

Comments and crits are welcome, and I’ll post some updates as soon as I’ve started on the texturing :slight_smile:

Till then…

Matt Charlesworth
Currently working @ Core Design Ltd (UK)


Yay! more zombies!
Good for 2 days work. The mesh could do with optimising (speshley around the legs) and his large chin / neck fat makes him seem kinda cartoony.
I like the lopsided cap and the broken ankle - if youve seen the original dawn of the dead, youll know how ace a zombie can look with a big limp (steve with the pistol at the end)

Keep it up - i can see the cut out bits and flaps where the damage is gonna be - should look cool.


EGAHDS!!! A redneck zombie…sweeeet… there has been quite a few zombies and other survival horror nasties lately…

Yeah… could use a bit of optimisation… you can possibly get rid of some of those edge loops in the center. It’s alway good if you can come in under your budget :smiley:

Bring on the ghouls!!!

Can’t wait for you to texture it up… :smiley:


Good asymetry on the model! I like the theme of the Hick/huntsman zombie as he has alot of character. I agree with the oter guys about some wasted polies being put to better use, perhaps redsitrubte some to add extra definintion to the shoulders.
I think he does have quite a stylized feel, which I get from the hugely fat/thick kneck and his broken foot.
The modelled facial expression is nice and reminded me of this guy;

Roy Kinnear,

At the moment I think he needs to be shaped up a little, I really like the fatness of is head but it is echoed in his arms and torso. You could also push the model to give the impression of his anatomy under his clothes, you know like man boobs and fat gut causing his shirt/top to ride up a little. I’d adjust the trouser line too, dropping it down in the center as his belly would put pressure on them.

Of course a texture can bring it in line allot and I often like to change my models as I texture them. Good use of edge loops in the face frink :wink:


Cheers Guys,
you’ve all made some good points there. Stuff that I didn’t notice whilst knee deep in the muju. I’ll do some edits on the the geometry tomorrow and post the results.



Looks nice. In the head shot it looks more like a retarded guy than a zombie, but the body in general is well done.


Sorry for the slow update guys (been busy with work stuff), but I finally got a bit of time to do some fixes to the mesh. I’m relatively happy with how it’s going, and I’m not concerning myself too much with poly count (providing it doesn’t go over 6,500 I’ll be happy), currently it’s 6100 here we go:


Lookin ace, but i think his torso is too long - either that or his arms are too short - if you put em to his side, they dont align with the crotch like they should.
Keep it up - it should look reet good with the textures on it.


Cool zombie , the forum has alot of people that watch 2 much horror movies . I like this model but i think hes head is a litle fat , and he barely has a neck . Besides that i think the model has good proportions . p.s love how you did the pants


Looks wicked frink :eek:

Don’t worry… I’m in the same boat with mine… only my problem is a lack of inspiration :sad:…oh well… sighs

I’ve also been wanting to do a zombie with a broken ankle for some time now. I’ll probably only get to that much later.

One thing that I will suggest, is possibly twisting it so that it faces inwards and not outwards like you have it now. It seems awkward and a bit unnatural as it is at the moment, and would probably make more sense to have it facing inwards. Think about spraining or twisting your ankle…

Anyway it’s just a suggestion… great work so far. Looking forward to seeing him textured… :bounce:


Andy H - Cheers mate, I have f**cked about with his proportions a bit and legthened his body and legs a little but as you have pointed out I forgot to do the sort the arms out to match, thanks for that :slight_smile:

Dave A - Thanks man.

Mindrot - Yep thats exactly what I wanted to do with the foot…I modelled it like this to make it easier to rig and skin, I was gonna twist it after it was rigged using the bones:) Thanks for the feedback though mate, it’s much appreciated :wink:


He looks so cool! Can’t wait to see him textured. It reminds me of that monster from Doom3 (not REZ), the fat one in the game. I still wish I can model like that in detail…I hope you are going to use Normal Mapping (sorry, I am obsessed with normal mapping) he would look really good and gross. One suggestion if I may. Make him look angry and mean. Right now he looks like Gomer Pyle before his got his brains blown out (no offense). Hopefully with the textures, he will look very scary…


Update added to first page. :slight_smile:


Updates look great… The wounds look to geometric at the moment. They need a bit of softening up. Love the tear in the neck.

I’d add more blood around the wound in the head…

Great stuff…

Looking forward to it!! I’ll post some more comments when you show us some more… :smiley:


great job! i really like the detail of the brain showing through the skull! sweet zombie goodness!! :smiley:


I friggin’ love zombies.


could you p-p-p-please have some maggots eating his brain, that’d be sweet!


A fearful zombie:)
Nice model,nice texture.


ui, this poor ups driver looks great. :thumbsup:
i like your painted style very much, the desurated colours fit very well to the character and especially his face is cool.

some points that can be improved in my eyes are:

  • the folds on his trousers could be much softer and rounder. than try to paint some mainfolds and put between some smaller ones. now it looks like a netting of hundreds of small folds, that are too much, especially on his backside there are hundreds of them, that make not much sense.
  • im missing some folds on his fat neck - one or two would be enough to support his appearance
  • something in his eyes is missing. a bit of his iris, so it looks like he has turned his eyes up or maybe a totally blurry iris.
  • his holes in his neck and face look a bit too perfect, too round, soft. could be rougher and some pieces hang around…
  • a nice idea would be fine to give him something special. maybe a metal rod, a folk, etc that stands out of his body, leg or something. so when he was biten, he has fallen on it and it has pierced his body.


his texture is shaping up well, obviously you say your still working on him so I’ll wait to see what you do but at the moment I would suggest that you might want to spice up colour scheme.
What I mean is that he is wearing very earthy toned clothes that all ‘fit’ well however I think the whole model would feel more dynamic if he had more contrasting colours.
Keep at it :slight_smile: