Resetting C* demo?


Hi all, this question may be out in left field, but here goes. I’m an AE user but I’d also like to try my hand at Combustion. I downloaded the demo, installed it, and ran it once to look at it (nice shade of grey), but then put it aside.

A month later I got it in my head that I ought to actually try to get somewhat comfortable with the software in case it would help in the future (which it most certainly would). However, by then the demo trial period had run out. It turns out that you can’t just get a new trial period by re-installing the software, because the program stores the “first time ever run” info somewhere deep in the operating system.

So the question is, does anyone know how to reset the trial period on the demo so I can learn the software? I don’t need to be able to save or have access to anything other than what the demo allows. If this request is inappropriate, please disregard it with my complete understanding.




In Windows, you can open and edit the Registry . . . In the registry, search for and delete the Discreet Combustion folder . . . After that folder is gone, you can install the demo version again. Note that if you are on XP, first perform a “System Restore Point” to backup your PC – note, for info on how to do this, see:

If you are on a MAC, then sorry, but I can’t help you…




There is a bunch of tools meant for cleaning the Windows Registry that might help you out during the process, take a look at

Hope it helps.

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