Reset Xform button?


Hi people

Is there any way to call the Reset Xform utility so i can put it on a button? It seems that the utilities are not included into the Customize user interface.



No, but you can use the ResetXForm() function (in max 6 and higher) to do the same.
Something like:

macroScript ResetXForm category:"Forum help"
on isEnabled return selection.count > 0
on execute do resetXForm selection


Thanks for your answer Bobo.

Excuse me for my incompetence with maxscript, but as far as i know, i should paste it into the maxscript window and after selecting it, i should drag and drop to a button… but i get this message:

– compile error: Nested macroscript definitions are not permitted.
– In line : macroScript ResetXForm category “Forum help”

Sorry for disturbing :stuck_out_tongue:



You get error coz Bobo already wrote you as macroscript. (with dropping it to toolbar max trie’s to create macroscript…from macroscript. So what you should do is just run script and go to customize and customize user interface. If you want it to toolbar, go to toolbars tab and find “Forum Help” category. There should be “ResetXForm” and all you need to do is drag and drop it to your toolbar.



A million of thanks!


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