well then, I’ve seen an increasing aggitation amongst users [including me] concerning dumb/stupid/warez-related questions and from this day forth, there will be put an end to those.

what does this mean. well, it means the following.
if a question is to broad, it will be removed.

we simple cannot tell you how to model a character. there are tutorials for that and yes they do get shipped with your copy of max. That’s a good point to start.

also, most of us don’t have time to answer each and every question that can be answered simply by looking it up in the online help [press F1]

I for one would’ve figured that if you bought your copy of max. f1 would be the 1st button you press after having launched the program.

So, broad and dumb questions will be removed. as well as questions that obviously originate from you being a warez user.
If you have a problem with that, find the pm button under my name and all will be answered. i will NOT pm you about why your thread got deleted.

also, Please refrain from using useless threadtitles that give us no
clue about the actual topic inside.
“help me” just doesn’t cut the cake.

example of good threadname:

modeling: meshtools
texturing: uv unwrap
hardware: max crash

another thing, if you got some software/hardware issues, tell us what version of max you have & what your system specs are [processor, ram, os and such]

and finally, before you even think of posting a message. ask yourself if you allready pressed the searchbutton and searched the forum for an answer.

that’s about it.
one more thing tho. don’t be affraid now to post. it’s not all that bad if ya think of it. enjoy and be professional about it.

{edit} Direct Link to the 1000+ tutorials thread here {/edit}



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:argh: <------ Crappy posts

I know I don’t say this enough, 'noxx, but…sniff…snifff…I love you…




thx man. I do what I can to support cgtalk max-users (H)


Well written, Equinoxx!:thumbsup:



yay…finally someone stood up for the legal guys…hurrah


those posts were just starting to get to me


A good posting indeed :thumbsup: .


Nice to see a moderator around here. Thanks.


Originally posted by robo_obi
yay…finally someone stood up for the legal guys

The ‘legal’ guys…it’s the same thing with sex - those who never get any seem to talk about it in public the most. :wink:

Anyway, thanks a lot Equi !


Originally posted by posm
Nice to see a moderator around here. Thanks.

exactly my thoughts.

:wavey: hi EQ


glad to see you guys agree with the initiative.

having people back me up on this is good . …

cheers all.

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I’ve been waiting for a sticky like this for ages. Thanks Equinoxx. You do us proud.:smiley:


Well said and i agree, Equinoxx.

~Power is never given , its takeN~


Cheers Equinoxx,

It bugs me alot when peope ask about that dam warez stuff! And ask stuff about how to build an entire charater AHHH! The point to all these forums is to pratice, learn and gain help in solving problems not to find,the serial to my keygen of my dodgy software! ahh the F1 key if only the world was that simple…

anyway…im ranting. Cheers Equinoxx



I for one am a legal user also,but MAX forums come a dime a dozen,their like AIDS,all over the place.So,you might spook them from this forum,but their are more…


it’s not my intention to spook them, just to make them act professional


Which, BTW, is why CGTalk has over 40,000 users.


MmmMMmMmmm good.




[i]ok, i downloaded this thing, and I can’t get it installed… says i need a cd key or something… could one of u email it to me

btw can you tell me quickly how to model and animate a short film cuz I feel like 3d is really easy and that I can master the art of everything in a few days…

oh one more thing… i can’t for the life of me figure out what a material is… could someone please tell me what it is. And what the heck is a primitive…[/i]


Ok, sorry but i couldn’t resist… I see these kind of message on practically ever other max related forum except cg talk!! long live moderators!!!

keep up the hard work :thumbsup:

and i’ll help where i can i guess :rolleyes: :stuck_out_tongue:

in the mean time cheers :beer:

and i’ll stop playing with smilies. :smiley:


lol! evil pure evil!



Mmmm BTW I hope my post did not come across in any way as disrespectful, cuz I totally support these people one hundred percent.


How about a wiki for this place?
I’m a frequenter of some PS forums. The big boss implemented a wiki and life has gotten much easier when dealing with certain things.
Rather than constantly replying to common questions and problems, a quick link to the wiki and all is good. It’s a good place to store answers.