requesting help with eyelids


i’ve been struggling for the past few days now trying to rebuild this character’s face, and i’m basically on the last part before i say ‘it’s good, next milestone!’

That part is the eyelids.

I can build the topology, pretty sure, but i can’t seem to completely eradicate/balance out a crease that appears.

the above link is one of my first attempts at proper eyelids, notice how ugly the creases are. This very clearly falls into the catagory of ‘do not want’.

these 2 links are my current state, above and 3/4th view. There are a few features i want to recapture or retain from the earlier states, like the fullness/roundness of the cheek area.

This is a quick screencap of her face topology. I’m going to be very unhappy if i have to change it, but if necessary, it will be done. Though i’ll salvage her lips.

I will state right now that i’m NOT going for hyperrealistic, i’m going for ‘not disgusting’ and ‘looks good’. Having ugly lines surrounding her eyes is bad.


Hehe it’s not as bad as you think it is. You’ve just got too many loops and they’re too close together, you need to space them out a bit to get rid of the creases (deleting one or two loops wouldn’t hurt either).

Just remember, when you want a crease, that’s how you do it :).

Here’s a link to an eye modeling tutorial I really like: it might give you some ideas.

Good luck.


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