[Requesting Help/Advice] Creating buildings and 3D interiors.


Hello there, i would say i am an intermediate user of 3D modelling being able to create a pretty wide range of assets, recently i have decided to attempt creating a pretty basic game using semi photo realistic game assets/ textures. Although i would take any advice and help in the creation of anything from Plant Life to Animals, however where i am truly having some difficulty is in the creation and workflow of Interiors as well as the exteriors of buildings.

This simple game i plan on creating will most likely be a choice based RPG style game where the scenes are pre made renders, probably being used in an engine such as Ren’py or Unity.

Any help and direction you can show me, any material you can point me towards as well as any tips you can share that will help me in the creation of these 3D scenes would be fantastic, especially if it relates to the creation of Interiors and exteriors of buildings as well as different workflows would be very much appreciated.

Not sure if it makes any difference but i am currently using the latest version of Blender, i seem to be enjoying it a lot however i am not sure if this could possibly impact me in the future, again any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks for any replies i may get

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