Request your plugin, what are you missing inside C4D?


Hi C4D users,

We are TheGreatSummit, we make cinema 4d plugins.
And our questions is:
What are you missing inside Cinema 4d at the moment, or what can be improved? You can also look at Maya or other big 3D applications, what do they have that is easier or missing in C4D?

Let us know and maybe we can make a plugin that is doing just that!

Grtz, Chris

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I mostly subdivision poly model in C4D and think the current set of tools are pretty great - but I don’t use any other apps, so I don’t know what I’m missing (but I’m guessing there must be modeling stuff that would be great)

So - make plugins that add the cool modeling features from other apps.


I’d check out HB modelling Scripts. Does quite a bit.

I think for me there are two areas where C4D seems to be behind to Maya. Rigging and Character animation. If there are any scripts that maya has that make these processes easier would be welcome. And I know CD tools are kind of in a grey zone as to whether they are gone or if someone else is taking them over due to CD passing. Either way, something more up to date wouldn’t hurt.


Some ideas :

  • a good retargeting tag for mocap. I’d love to see ikinema solver integrated into C4D, like Ikinema Action for Maya or Mobu… I think it’s the best on the market. The Autocleaning is wonderful.
  • a good FK/IK standard rig like Human IK (maya/motion builder) where you can apply mocap in FK and adjust handles/limbs in IK.
  • A better autoweighting algorithm, like mixamo.
  • An interior mapping shader would be cool, similar to lightwave’s vRoom.
  • A DAZ 3D/Genesis importer/autorigger
  • A clean and simple PBR (as in Disney’s principled shader, with metal/rough) shader frontend that works with standard/physical/prorender, and follows the same metallic/rough workflow like in Substance designer/painter, unity or unreal. Not the reflectance hack.
  • A nodal shader like cmNodes for R19 (compatible with PBR workflow) when the simple layers become too cumbersome.

  • A Spreadsheet Object / Effector combination that allows you to use data from a spreadsheet to drive scene data. It would be a huge help for so many mograph related tasks.


A good tool to clean up CAD Data, to remove duplicate polygons, weld verticies that lays directly under the Surface (and not on the other side of the model.)


This is the one thing I miss most in C4D. And everey year, my heart breaks a bit more (just kidding).

The other thing are more procedural poly modelling tools, like the bevel-deformer, but for other operations. For example: dynamic projection of a spline onto a surface, which is then used to:

  • create depressed / raised lines on the model
  • create selections which can then be extruded and so on in a non-destructive manner

And finally: a simple solution for volumetric rendering, i.e. ray marching on a standard 3D texture as well as on openVDB volumes without the need for external render engines, even in poor Prime.

Now some of theese things exist in other plugins, especially external renderers and fluid sim plugins. The problem is: These suites are just too big if you only need theese specific aspects, which would also fit very well into the base package.


coming from maya, I miss an intuitive UV Editor most.


As a simpler project, how about a shader that mimics the triplanar mapping system presented here by Pingo van der Brinkloev? My idea is a shader that slots into the various material channels, and automatically sets up the X, Y and Z axes with the correct falloffs. You could then adjust the falloffs to suit, perhaps with a noise function to help blend difficult or complex surfaces.

Further still, I wondered fi you could automatically populate the Normal and Bump channels with the same settings. (Ideally, any changes made to one channel are propagated to the others so the textures always line up.) Is it possible to load a set of bitmaps from a folder with prefixes such as C_texturemap, B_texturemap, N_texturemap – so all you need do is add the shader to the colour channel and the others would automatically be added to the Bump and Normal channels. Loading one texture map would load all three (or more if you added Diffuse, Reflectance, Displacement etc). Anyway, at the very least, a system to quickly set up (and tweak) a triplanar material would be dead useful for objects that are difficult to UV unwrap.


Already so many great suggestion, thanks guys! So far making better hard surface modelling tools and beter weighting algorithms is something we going to discuss here.
Keep it up! Its very helpful for us to see what users are missing:)


You have covered nearly all of my suggestions

I would add the ability to create basic lipsinc from imported audio.


Also a better cloth(ing) solver so characters can actually move with dynamic clothing
as DAZ/Poser figures have been able to do for over a decade


Oh…and since you asked, A ragdoll physics solver that allows rigs to react with modynamics
objects , again ,Like Poser or Endorphin has had for several years.


  1. Up-to-date modern UV workflow.
  2. Substance Painter Bridge.
  3. Triplanar mapping
  4. Better textures baking (Like at Marmoset Toolbag or Knald).


I havent played around with R19’s Poly reduction tool so maybe this is already done, but it would be great to have a built in retopo tool like zremesher, dynamesh or the other tool (forget the name!) that subdivides and reduces based on areas with more or less detail. Maybe something like that built into metaballs? There is the free tool thats out there too but cant think of that name either. Dang I’m getting old I guess.

If someone wants to take a stab at a more robust replacement to NET render that wold be nice too :wink:
Then we could yell at you when our jobs crash.


Endorphin isn’t sold anymore and when it was it cost a fortune, but it was clearly ahead of its time. You make it sound like it is trivial, but I don’t think dynamic motion synthesis AI is in the scope of a simple plugin though, and to my knowledge no other software was able to offers the same toolset.

it’s called Instant meshes.


Yep thats it! Quite an amzing piece of software there—and free.
Still would be good to have more options for retopo in c4d


Has anyone made a good clouds plugin yet for good looking skies? Infinite cloud planes, large puffy hero clouds for illustration and stills, etc.

There was ozone, which is being discontinued and only Vue Infinite will remain. Vue Inifinite is super expensive, and if the forums are any indication, very unstable and a bit slow.
There are one or two C4d plugins for clouds that use pyrocluster, but pyrocluster only gets you so far.

I look at TrueSky for Unreal and Unity and am blown away by the appearance of the clouds, especially since they are real time.



I dont know if it can be solved using a plugin, but I would like a UNREAL exporter, that solves/automatize all the UV , smoothing issues :slight_smile:


I buy a lot of plugins and the two worst purchases were Carbon Scatter and Ozone. E-on was always slow to update them to the latest version of C4D, they’re slow, buggy, and E-on’-s insistence on using its own awful windowing system instead of C4D’s made them painful to use. It’s money down the drain, but I’m glad to see the back of them – now I can delete them and leave room for better software.


Totally agree. The main reason I’m using Unity over Unreal is because import/export is transparent with Unity while I get smoothing errors with Unreal.


Indeed I am glad got my seat of endorphin before they vanished
Still while not as complete as Endorphin, a poser user was able to use
Python and a free ODE engine to create quite a fun little ragdoll physics plugin
for poser that sold for $50 USD
everything in this 8 year old clip
was done with that old python plugin.

But short of that, its a shame that clothilde has been left to languish
as it has by maxon.