Reprojecting UV's onto volume meshed geometry (similar to funcgtion shown in VDBfusion vid)


At around 30:40 in this video, creator of Houdini asset VDB fusion shows how UV’s can be reprojected onto objects after they have been meshed.

  1. Does anyone have experience with doing this in VDDB fusion? Worthwhle results? Tips or tricks?

  2. Can this be done in some way with Volume Remesher?

Also, whether or not the above is possible or produces usable results, is it possible to somehow procedurally access new polygon selections based upon the function produced by the volume mesher? If not, it certainly should be. For instance, if the mesher subtracts B from A, it already knows which of the new polygons are pure A, and which are the subtracted intersection. Is there some way to refer to those distinct groups of polys?