Report: Superman/Batman Movie Planned


There’s also a couple of really good DC Animated Universe films with the two of them.


You must not read comics, or like them.

Honestly I find Superman to be a much more fascinating character when interacting with Batman. I think he’s kind of dull on his own. But the two have a really interesting dynamic together, one I hope the movie nails.


Also true.



Superman and Batman shared team-up storylines in World’s Finest Comics for many many decades.’s_Finest_Comics

Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne are the closest of friends. Further, Kal-El is known for assuming a “Batman” persona in the bottle city of Kandor as the Kryptonian hero Nightwing. Nightwing is in almost every respect Kandor’s Batman.

Not only does canon support this notion of a team up between Superman and Batman, canon dictates its. Its not a formula up for arbitration or negotiation. It’s a real and longstanding relationship between the two characters established by many decades of written canon going back to the 40’s. The fact that they are looking at this seriously tells me that someone has their finger on the pulse of DC canon.

As for the logo, if you think it something they just cooked up, then you should look at this:

This is 10 years old.

Someone is doing their homework at Warner. After the success of MoS I’m really encouraged that DC, or Warner at least, has finally managed to get it.

And its about time.


Considering the logo and the line quoted I can’t imagine it being anything else.

From this article:
Lest there be any confusion, this film is not an adaptation of Miller’s story. Snyder explicitly said “we’re not adapting this thing, but it is the thing that will help us tell that story.”

So I guess elements of The Dark Knight Returns but with Superman as the lead?


Actually, I do enjoy reading comics and have been doing so for many years. How you came to that conclusion is a mystery, because like films, games and music - everyone has their tastes.

Saying that, I don’t mind some cross overs. From a Predator fan’s point of view…Aliens vs Predator would have been awesome. However, it should have been Predator 3, not advertising it as “AVP: THE ULTIMATE SMACK DOWN!!!”. Predator 2 threw the idea out there and that’s where they should have gone with the third film - not an inferior rehash of Predator 1. Colonial Marines…bug hunts and Predators hunting the most dangerous game…Aliens come out of the walls and Predators disappearing into thin air…but the marines have dropships, pulse rifles and sentry guns…


But for Superman/Batman…it would be like constantly switching channels between a vigilante-detective action-thriller and a Super hero epic fantasy where anything goes. That’s the feeling I got from those certain comics.


Fair enough. I came to that conclusion though not because you didn’t like it, but because you seemed to respond with confusion

"Whatever next? Murder She Wrote meets Air Wolf? :surprised "

As if the concept of those two characters being in the same universe was especially odd or a stretch. Which I took as coming from someone who isn’t really into comics, since in comics all of these characters tend to exist in the same universe and is actually quite normal.

That’s all, not saying you have to like it, just wasn’t sure you realized it’s a quite common match up.


Source? All the links I’ve found say that Bale is done playing Batman for good.


I just searched and I notice in newer articles Bale does say that he is done with Batman, and has worn the cape for the last time, but last year, in an interview with Empire Magazine, Bale said, “My understanding is that this is the last one. I think it’s appropriate, I think it’s going out at the right time. But…if Chris came to me with a script and said, ‘You know what? There is another story’ then I would love the challenge of making a fourth one work.”

“Bale told Empire magazine last year he would consider returning for a fourth instalment if Nolan came to him with a great story.”


Fair play, Michael. :thumbsup:


So, if Mr Bale isn’t in the movie we will at least know its shit! :stuck_out_tongue:


You’re saying you thought Dark Knight Returns, one of the greatest American comics ever, was like that? And you wonder why people just assumed you don’t read comics at all?


Or Power Suit using all the electrical power of Gotham City.


I think that given the success of the Batman movies, MOS and Avengers; Mr. Bale is in a position to earn a historical sum if he does it. Honestly, he was no slouch before Batman…like…since he was 7, and moving forward from there.

Robert Downey Jr. will probably break some cashflow record with Avengers 2 backend and everyone knows it, who knows, maybe he get a fatter % over a billion or something?..he seemed pretty sincere about hanging up the armor and making jokes about having armored trucks of money required to get him to do this or that, even drawing a shot off the bough from Joss, referring to James Bond implying replaceability.

Whatever Christian Bale has said in the past became moot after MOS’s success. With 3 mega Batman movies done and this new plan, if Robert Downey was able to get some crazy record deal, so too can Christian Bale.


Whedon’s writing and directing are far more replaceable than Downey’s acting.


well…the point is that he will be replaced someday, like James Bond.


A problem did just occur to me. For filmitization, they decided to split Batman in two for the last 3 movies. Christian Bale is the tough ninja bat-ass and Morgan Freemen is the super smart gizmo guy…not a lot of detective stuff going on, but if I had to guess Morgan would be better at that too.

Anywho, I bring this up now just to point out a bit of a problem. These two have teemed up a lot in the comics, but the haters around here are right, a lot of it has to boil down to:

Superman: OK, I’ll go fly half way around the world and do some super shit, be back in 5.
Batman: OK, I’ll stick around here and do some awesome, intellectual detective shit. With gadgets.
Together in Unison: What a great team we make. America!

BUT, the film Batman can’t do that. I am hoping and assuming that they just roll with the momentum and build off of what they have done, ideally getting Christian Bale, Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine (Things don’t work out with Selina Kyle…) back for more, but there is going to be some trouble for the writers. I imagine that, best case scenario, to my taste, is that Morgan Freeman is out and Christian Bale Batman suddenly remembers all of the studying about Nuclear Physics and it’s effect on hair samples he did, in between capers in the far east.


Ummm…where did I talk about the comic book of TDK or saying I thought anything of it? And why would you assume I would be someone who enjoys Frank Miller’s work and collect all his comics? :shrug:

LOL, must I have a Batman #14 as well? :surprised

Seriously, next you’ll be suggesting I actually have to go down to the book store, and purchase a copy of Fifty shades of Grey to say “I read books”. LOL, which I can tell you all now is not going to happen! Look, if you don’t like my opinion, that is fine; I’m not ramming it down anyone’s throat and you are quite free to dismiss it.


Right, because that’s comparable to talking about Dark Knight Returns when discussing comic stories with Batman and Superman in them. Seriously your grasp of metaphors, SMH.


Bringing Nolan’s batman universe forward just wouldn’t make sense. Bale hung up the cape in the third film, and to have him come back as batman would really undermine the whole point of that last film, and taint the nolan trilogy.

Plus Superman just would not fit in that universe, it’s too down to earth.

It has to be a new batman, I’m surprised people even want Bale. Those movies were amazing, but let’s see something new for this batman reboot, not the same actor just reading different lines.