Report: Superman/Batman Movie Planned


Man of Steel director Zack Snyder took the stage at SDCC today to have his MOS actor Harry Lennix read the passage from The Dark Knight Returns as a way to formally announce that the next Superman movie will include Batman! The studio then showed the Superman logo with a new Batman logo behind it.

The biggest deal was, Snyder brought out Man of Steel actor Harry Lennix (General Swanwick) to use his cool voice to read the following piece of dialogue:

I want you to remember, Clark
in all the years to come
in your most private moments
I want you to remember
my hand
at your throat
I want
you to remember
the one man who beat you.


Wow… they’ve been saying this for ages. Even had the Poster in I am Legend. Now they are finally going to really do it… I hope…

Could be interesting considering TDK series ended, but in a recent article Christian Bale said that he would gladly return if asked.


Hehe, this should be interesting.Can’t wait! :beer:


Yeah, I hope they bring him back and don’t recast anyone else. Or to continue from where they left off perhaps get JGL to take on the mantle!


Will this movie have an actual editor?


Whatever next? Murder She Wrote meets Air Wolf? :surprised

I quite like both characters, but together? God no. Its like throwing in Ice Cream with Hash browns…on their own, they’re Orson Wells, but together it can only be a soggy mess. :argh:


I would love Bale back but I don’t think the current Batman is in any form a match for Superman. You need some paranormal to fight paranormal.

Also I think at first Batman will fight Superman and then team up to face Lex.


Thats a horrific logo. Just horrible.

I would be happy to watch a Batman/Superman movie, but not set anywhere near Nolands Batman universe. Leave those 3 films as the perfect trilogy they are.

Nolands Batman is set in a VERY limited world. Superman isn’t. I think that it would feel ‘forced’ to have The Tumbler driving through the Fortress of Solitude.

Make a new Batman, and set it in Supermans (already established) world.


I get the feeling that Batman will be holding a shiny green rock.


How does he have that when in the Man of Steel universe there is no Kryptonite.


Now the man of steel has a rich friend to pay off his debt


Have they specifically stated there is, and will be, no kryptonite in this universe? Or could they possibly be waiting for Lex to discover that?


No Kryptonite? The whole planet’s environment had the effect. I assume there will be pieces of a catalyst from the life support system from a destroyed ship that will have the same effect.

I thought that the scope of the Batman Films was a bit silly…He thwarts Ras-al, The Scarecrow, The Joker and Two Face, goes into hiding for years, then comes out for Bane and retires with CatWoman. Leaves all of his Batman stuff to someone with the name Robin, who is also a pretty good guy, who might use his cave and toys to fight crime next, although he will probably die trying without ninja training… The End.

Maybe a montage or something showing Batman over time, cementing him as a fixture of Crime Fighting in Gotham would have sat better with me. BUT!

Batman retiring is the requisite lead in to the Dark Knight Returns. They had a plan.

Warner Brothers had a plan!!!

Get ready for Batman’s Hulk-buster Iron-man suit.

Too bad that Ironman is so big because any “power-suit” is going to get rip-off jeers even though…you know…


So many scenes from The Dark Knight Rises are lifted directly from the Frank Miller comic book that I highly doubt they have plans to do a live action movie version. Even the ending is too similar.


Whatever next? Murder She Wrote meets Air Wolf?**I quite like both characters, but together? God no. Its like throwing in Ice Cream with Hash browns…on their own, they’re Orson Wells, but together it can only be a soggy mess.

My thoughts exactly. And whats up with the atrocious logo?



My point exactly: they look like a pair of twats. :argh:


One thing I fear is that this will be a movie about Batman more than Superman. And please don’t make Superman lose the fight between the two. Please!!! It’s just lame and forced no matter the amount of kryptonite.


There won’t be a Wonder Woman movie in my lifetime.


Aside from that being the most mixed metaphor in the history of the language, they have teamed up for multiple good stories in the comics.