Replacing my MOBO


My mobo is causing my system to crash. So I am going to replace it. My freind thinks that I should get the mobo, ECS: P4VXA SD2+ with a 2.4 or 2.5 intel chip combo from Fry’s. I want to use my current hardwhere that I have. Here are the specs for the system now.

Mother Board: Abit VP6 (Dual)
Pentium III 866 x 2
Toshiba DVD-Rom SD-M1502
Pioneer DVD-R 105
Matrox Millennium G450 Dual Head (Video card) or PNY Geforce 4 TI 4200 (64mb)
Seagate Barracuda 80GB Hard Drive (No Partition) FAT32
Century 256mb x2 SDRam 128pin (512mb total)
D-Link DFE-530TX+ PCI Adapter
Sound Blaster Live (value/OEM)
Creative Digital VCR (TV Tuner )
Power supply (Don’t Know)
Stealth SF8025L (Case Fan) DIM: 80x80x25
Vastech VCF8025-BU B (Case Fan) Neon Blue Led’s DIM: 80x80x25

I need help picking a board that supports these parts. I will use the system for Electric Image. photoshop and Motion Builder. I like the Asus P4PE board. Thanks…:airguitar


Originally posted by Terrance
My mobo is causing my system to crash.

before you run off and spend loads of cash, are you certain this is the case? there are plenty of things that can cause a system to be unstable, from hardware to software.

what seems to be going wrong with it, how often and why?


I’d be interested in your 2x866 cpus. If you do get a new motherboard and they are slot 1 that is. I have a dual board with only one CPU.


his current system is an abit VP6, which is dual socket 370 (socket 370 coppermine PIII only).


I will try to make a long story short. My system was running fine with the matrox card, windows 2k pro, and an IBM deskstar 60gig. I got a virus that made my system crash, freeze, etc. So, I had it cleaned out as much as possible but it still was infected and I had some files I needed on it (to big for CDR’s). I replaced the hard drive with an 80gig barracuda; windows XP and I added two fans. I put in virus protection and a firewall. It started out fine and then it started crashing as well. It would freeze and I would here this high pitch sound. Also, the screen started to get fuzzy with lines as if something was frying. I couldn’t even play a DVD. I checked my ram, cards, drivers, and everything. I had all the current drivers, service packs, and all the hardware I have supports XP. So last week I bought the Geforce 4 TI 4200 and had XP reinstalled. I took out all the cards and when I changed the screen resolution to 1028x768, it still crashed!!! I got lines and fuzz going across my screen again. I got on the web and got the current video drivers and it was ok. So I thought. Then I could not install anything else except for Windvd. I couldn’t even put in a service pack. So now after four months of problems, it can only be the mobo. I can see that some of the caps are not flat. I have some work coming up that I need to get ready for and I cannot play the guessing game any more. My iMac is the only thing that has kept me going but it is too slow to run Shake or Motion builder
I want to save as much of the hardware as possible but I know that some parts will have to replace some. I was trying not to got DDR registered ram because is expensive but I know that my system will scream with it. I am open to suggestions
. :annoyed:


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