Replacing/Merging Scenario


Hey, guys!

I´m new to Nuke, I don´t know very much about it, neither the name of this technique, not even how to speak english very well.

But I´m looking for tutorial on how to replace scenarios or merging 2 scenarios in my footages. Stuff like this guy does (check out the images):

Thank you all!


The name of the technique is ‘compositing’, there is a bunch of resources out there - a couple of get you started would be…

And although it’s for After Effects, the video copilot tutorials are pretty good at the basics of compositing.

Hope that helps.


Thanks, dude.


He is merging 1 scenario with background projected on a geometry in
most cases, do not let him fool you. Not so easy though. Many tasks
Start by keying or rotoscoping the background out and you will get there (the time varies and depends mostly on you). The Foundry and it’s Vimeo and Youtube channels have a lot of Nuke tutorials for all levels. Ah, and you will probably need NukeX for the specific effects.


Thanks, kyrgr! You made it clearer for me now!


If you have half an hour in your hands watch what this
guy is doing.
It is not what you asked for but it will give you a very precise idea
of what you are up against as a pro compositor but also how exciting
the process can be.
(For some reason the c g m e e t u p word in the link appears autohidden,just replace asterisks with that word-no spaces).


Very cool stuff, kygr! Thanks again, man!
I’ll be studying it!


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