replaceUI seems not to worck properly


I have writen my own light plugin looking like this:

plugin light MyLight
name:"My Light"
classID:#(0x7f14579e, 0x5caf6eb9)
parameters main rollout: params
rollout params "Light Parameters"

but when I create an instance of MyLight it looks like this:

Is it posible to get rid of thet marked red rolout?


it’s an automatic mental ray attribute which is always being added to every light objects on creation. the way to remove this rollout is - only deleting the attribute. But if you delete this attribute this light object will not work in the mental ray rendering (i guess, and it’s more likely).


I just need a very simple light object which has position and color. I am not using any mental ray rendering, at least not explecite.


Also is there a way to get rid of that bounding box, surounding the light?