Replace joints after skinning


Hi, I’m skinning a character but recently discovered, that two joints in the neck are quite misplaced, the rotation of the head would not work with that placement. So I’d like to move them towards the center of the neck, but I’ve already skinned the legs. In fact the whole skeleton had skin weights so I can’t move them, but I don’t want to detach the skin and reskin the legs…

So can I delete the joints and place new ones or detach the skin and save the skin weights for the legs? How do I do this?

Please help!!


You could save the skin weights and import the weights after you are done with the joint position. OR
Place a set of new joints in the correct position (For the neck). Transfer the weights to the new joints and delete the old joints.


Another option is to use the Move Skinned Joints tool, when enabled it temporarily disables the skinning allowing you to move the joints. It’s worked pretty well for me in the past.



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