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Hey everybody!

I’m modelling an airport in 3DsMax and I’m getting some troubles texturing the runway, which is a very long plane. The texture of the runway and other objects are all inside the same image, so what I need to do is define the portion of the texture that has the runway texture (like UVW coordinates) and then make 3ds max repeat only this portion through the entire plane. How can I do that? I tried playing with “Unwrap UVW” and “UVW Map” but got nothing.

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Im not sure if this will defnitely work with what your trying to achieve but cant you use the crop option under the bitmap parameter tab and crop out the runway and then tile it under the texture tiling options or a uvw map?

let us know if you get it sorted, good luck.


Yes, it will. As long as the part of the map used for the runway is rectangular.


If you wanted to use a non-rectangular section you’d have to combine the above method with editing the UVWs in UVW unwrap so that the geometry corresponds to the part of the texture you want.


Sorry, I’m kind of new to 3Ds Max. Where is this crop options exactly? In the bitmap options in the material editor I only found Offset/Tiling (inside the Coordinates tab).

aleph-zahir, I tried something similar to what you said, but the problem is that when editing the UVW Unwrap, I can only edit the UVWs relative to the whole face of the plane (basically trying to put a 512x512 texture in a 3000x45m plane).

To “clear up”, I have to repeat the texture stroked with red in this texture:

Into this plane:

Thanks for you answers.



Since it’s rectangular cropping is best.

It’s under “bitmap parameters”, usually a couple of tabs down from “coordinates” tab in material editor.

There’s a box labeled “cropping/placement”, you tick “apply” then click the “view image” button to change the cropping. You can drag the white box or change the numbers.

Then set the tiling under the “coordinates” tab, (OR leave tiling at 1 and use “UVW map” modifier on your plane and scale the gizmo for the map so it’s square)


Just to clarify with a screengrab :slight_smile:


Worked like a charm!
Thanks a lot you guys :slight_smile:



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