Reo's 3D sketchbook


Though I’d start a 3D sketchbook, to keep up on my practice.

Please feel free to post your crits and thoughts, I will be updating this thread as often as possible in order to not have to manage multiple threads.


So here is my most recent study, which I have been enjoying quite a bit.


This one I started a while ago, but realized I have not shared yet. Plan to use him in a composition image.


Wow! :eek:
I love that your knight feels less like the perfectly chiselled and overly muscled warriors that we see so often, and more like a knight who is approaching his later years and has enjoyed the spoils of his victories!
The armour of course looks pretty amazing, but I love that his face has so much character to it!

Hope to see more soon!


Very nice. I would like to see some aging now. Like trace of battle on him… the face and the armour.

For me, he miss just that: Some slashs, hammer impacts and scars on his face.

Do you plan texturing?


Thank you very much for your thoughts Nick.

Scote, I do plan to do just that, the current design plan is to have him be very travel worn. perhaps he has been questing for many years. It will be a very fun zbrush exercise.

thank you for your input !


I like all the hard-surface modeling you have done but I would like to suggest to add perforation to the material under the helmet similar to how other knights have worn their guards. But maybe that would be aesthetics for most. Or if the same material is kept maybe you can add a study of sweat of the character since I see the armor and guards to be made of leather material. That would be a great study to suggest.


Nekotiq - First off thank you for the suggestions ! Now in terms of perforation The cap under the helmet is leather and the coif hanging under the helmet rim will be chain mail : )
So if I understand you correctly you are right on target !

Thanks again for the comments.


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