Renovated Lobby, Olivier Campagne (3D)


Title: Renovated Lobby
Name: Olivier Campagne
Country: France
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, VRay

Hi all !

Here is the image i have done for the third challenge for the AVC 2005 with

The rule was to create an interior scene of a commercial lobby for a high profile office tower…

This could be seen as a “renovation” of the lobby of one of the tower from the movie Playtime (Jacques Tati). About dialogues between images…

comments and critics are welcome !


absolutly amazing , very nice lighting , are those people rpc´s ?? or you mede it yourself ??



very nice-the only ting that seems out of place are the bright patches(?) on the back wall-were they added in post?maybe if they weren’t as bright-a small thing,but grraat work-later


I like the way you’ve integraded those people :slight_smile: Model itself looks awesome.


oops… that’s actually the image i submited for the competition … no i feel stupid…
Thanks to all for comments !
The white patches are indeed cutout shapes in a wood panel.
And all peoples are photos composited in photoshop.



looks good!
The only thing that caught my eye was the stair railing and how it looked odd not going to the bottom steps and looks unporportionate.
The bottom step(stair landing) looks a little too high also, this being compared to the people but at different depths makes it look decieving, and also the height from other risers of the stairs (they dont match).


Nice lighting, looks very real. But I’m not a big fan of all those different patterns/maps you use in your textures, a bit messy… maybe it’s juts my own taste of interior design I should question here… I dunno.

good job anyway.



absolutely perfect render i dont see a big mistake. the design is kinda retro. perfect integration of the people (what is not usual) and nice blooms.
just few things bout proportions as mentioned
you got 4 stars from me.


Looks like i could walk into the render. I like the colors and feel of it. The only thing that looks strange is the holes in the ceiling, they need more of a corner…right now they look like fabric thats being pushed up or something. It might have to do with the smoothing angle.


Excellent work Olivier! The lighting and rendering is amazing. After staring at this pic for 10 minutes I could only find a few minor critiques. The pieces of carpet on the edges look too solid. I think the border on the threads of them are maybe too harsh. Perhaps blurring them a tiny bit would help. The man in the far back is somewhat transparant. Originally I thought it was due to motion blur, but his whole body seems to be the same amount of transparancy rather than just his arms or legs in motion.


Great job man! im realy liked this render:thumbsup:



Amazing render.:thumbsup:

Great work. Reall love the feel to it. very very real.

Those holes are sopts isnt it.

can you explain the light setup.



Again, just like your previous AVC interior, this is really beautiful. The subtlety in lighting and the visual complexity is excellent because it doesn’t over power the image. The people are well integrated and the cat is a nice touch. Best of luck in the comp.


thanks for all critics and comments !
kind of amazing how much things you can spot !! i like it !

for the holes in the ceilings, they are actually made to look like they were pushed in it… i wanted a smooth look in it.

FrizzleFry0, you are right, this guy is 90% transparent, should have been more subtle… ok, usually, i do it to blend it more in the image… this time, it’s not working great also because the other peoples are also complety opaque…

F10, good point on that, even if i like the combinaison i did for the rails… sure there is a slight problem of proportion regarding the landing step …



hey man - if you can spare the time to explain, could you tell us what your light setup for this was? or just post a wireframe of the whole 3dsmax scene

thanks !


hey !
here is the wireframe …
about the light setup, one direct, the environment and few spotlights in the ceiling.



Great work! I couldn’t tell which part of the scene was real and CG lol. Nice work on the texturing and lighting. The modeling is nice also :smiley:


et ben dit dont ! !! et tu n’as que 2 etoiles , ca en vaut largos 4/5, tres bonne light , tres bon materiaux, bonne ambiance et incrust de perso conforme à la lumiere, mm le chat
je vais tanter de faire remonter cette note , anormalement basse aux vue de la qualité de ta prod
…c’est du bon taff


Oh this is a masterpiece. The texture of the ground is awesome.


Great work :thumbsup: