RenderTITAN Presents RoboTITAN!, Mark Alameel (3D)


Title: RenderTITAN Presents RoboTITAN!
Name: Mark Alameel
Country: USA
Software: 3ds max, CINEMA 4D, Photoshop

RenderTITAN Presents RoboTITAN!

This series of images represent our new mascot named RoboTITAN. Many great artists worked on this project over the past few months (I know, very slow but we were still juggling our normal tasks and I am a very picky Art Director that likes to try new things…)

The idea of this project came up because we wanted a visually pleasing mascot for our advertising, but it also was a great excuse for a fun internal project. Our goal was to create a mascot that not only focused on the “TITAN” aspect, but also reference technology and if we could also incorporate speed that would be ideal. We did debated about the use of “weapons” and decided to allow it since the historical references were obvious and in that context, it would be okay. I definitely did not want the big guns look. I even dropped ideas of jet packs, odd overbearing design choices (often associated with robots) and such because we wanted the silhouette of the character to still be recognizably human. Even the coloring of the mascot was kept simple but we were still going for a racer feel to meet our speed element.

Finally, we settled with a more comic book feel (the overall shape, the bright colors, action poses, etc.) We also did a few subtle high contrast shots just to show different lighting. We, however, did not settle on an actual dimension for the size of the character. We decided to keep it arbitrary and to just not reference the character with anything easily compared, hence the vague types of environments.

We all had fun with this project and I hope you all enjoyed seeing what we do between render jobs. All the images finished for this project are on displayed in our new CG portfolio. Larger images are available at:

Credits: We came up with the original concept, modeled, textured, rigged and rendered all the images at 5k. (The benefits of working here is that even test renders were at 5k!)

Original Modeler: Ryan Rodriguez (3Ds Max)
Modeler (Accessories): Travis Steinbring (3Ds Max)
Final Modeler, Rigger and Rendering: Jay Garcia (Cinema 4D with VRAY)
Concept and Post: Mark Alameel (Photoshop and paper)

Happy Rendering!
Mark S. Alameel


excellent, the model, amazing shaders and details are superb.


I wanted to point out these next FEW images because they show the scope of this fun project…

The final wireframe…

A headshot from the “museum Series”:

Finally, an action shot:

Faster than a speeding bullet, brighter than hot rod red… (A much larger version is on my website…)

Museum Display:

Thanks for viewing and happy rendering!


captivating well well done


quite a unique project. Very nicely done, 4 * :slight_smile:


Fantastic details & very nice look & color

good luck 4 ever :thumbsup:


(Note: I added more “selected” images to the thread, but I added then to post number 3 for easy of viewing…)

Thanks for all the comments! We are all happy with this labor of love and nothing means more than the appreciation from our fellow artists. Well, maybe except frm new paying clients, but that is for a different reason…

The hard part is that now that the images are done, I need to make my new ads. (So now the real work begins and I feel I have been staring at these slowly progressing images for way too long!)

Happy Rendering.


Looks really nice. I’m not usually a fan of all-chrome reflective renders but this was pulled off very nicely.

My only question is, how’d you find the processor time to render off all those images?


If you are kidding, that was very funny (since “RenderTITAN” is a remote render farm service and I have pretty much have as much “processor time” as I want, well, when I am not currently rendering for other people which is our normal service.)

If you are not kidding, I need to work on my advertising, and then I am sad!


P.S. Thanks for the compliment. (I got distracted by my lack of effective advertising.) I too also hate things that are too reflective, chrome, 80’s 3D, but we wanted a high tech glossy look and we went through several “looks” untill we got the one that worked. We started with basic car paint shaders and eventually ended with this look. Of course I heavily processed the final renders, but the balance was already there in the original rendered image.


Haha, I noticed ‘RenderTITAN’ cleverly incorperated into the design of the robot… and your username… and your signiture, I don’t think you have to worry about the effectiveness of your advertising just yet.


LOL! Did you click on my signature yet? Check out what happens when you click in my signature where it says RenderTITAN! :slight_smile:



ohh i liked your robot


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