Renders Shrapnel into pieces?


Hey all,

My render seems to have an issue with the object being rendered. The fuselage has plannars mapped from several sides.

Is there a way to repair this so that the renders return to normal?


Could be flipped faces. Unify the normals or use a 2 sided material.


Hey Scrimski,

I just tried it with Scanline and all is well. Seems Mental Ray has an issue with the fuselage.

I’ll try restting the Normals.


If you use MentalRay and Raytrace acceleration BSP2, try using the old BSP and see whats happening?


Roger that. I’ll check that too.



I’m guessing you’re using projection and render to texture? If so, make sure that your objects aren’t exactly in the same space, if they are then it can produce errors like that. I’ll usually make a Push modifier on the mesh and move it slightly and render the maps.


Did you try “Force Two Sided Render”?


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