renderPass rerender beauty when just reflection/spec needed?


when rendering with render Passes, do I always have to render the beauty, when I have to rerender something?
for exapmple, when I just need the specular and reflection Pass, do I have to render the diffuse, which took a LONG time to render?!




Render passes always render the beauty. Thats how they work.
But you could set up a render layer with material overrides to do a specular render. You dont need passes for that.



yeah. i am already setting up a reflection pass with the mip_rayswitcher as in your tutorial. thank you for that one!
but some how, the result is a bit different, when compositing the diffuse_result und and the reflection_result with “add”… you know why?
another problem is, that i dont get any alpha channel, when rendering with the mip_rayswitcher?!


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