my brilliant scripting skills are fading when the listner doesn’t display the appropriate output

and i always stuck with these stuff and get lost with the help files , its because i try to make my very simple scripts only when i need to

now , all i wanted to do is a very simple thing , just make a presets for render size " 320X240 and 600X800 … and may be other 2 res " but i wanted that to function with every renderer
i choose in the render scene dialog

… i didn’t reach that stage of assuring that every render i choose will work , but instead i’m stuck at the output size … how to call different sizes of the render through max script ?
and what is " bitmap : " output means ?

render max vpt outputsize [600 , 800 ]

whenever i change the outputsize … it defaults to the selected size in the render scene–> outputsize

BTW …i’m on max 8



Do you want to RENDER, or to just change the values in the Render Scene Dialog?
Because what you have written looks like calling the render() method which actually fires the current renderer.
You are missing the colon : between the parameter and the value, in other words,

render outputsize:[300,300] 

will render a bitmap of that size.

If you want to change the values in the Render Scene Dialog, they are exposed via two global variables:


You can change values in the dialog only with the dialog closed (otherwise changes would be ignorred), so you would have to say

 oldState = renderSceneDialog.isOpen() --see if dialog is open
 if oldState do renderSceneDialog.Close() --if it is, close it
 RenderWidth=300 --change the settings
 if oldState do renderSceneDialog.Open() --if it was open, open it again.


thanks bobo … you’re the boss

stupid me , the colon !


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