Renderman For MAYA


Hi, I will be working for a publicity company as a character modeler for the next 3 months and i noticed they just have Renderman for Maya.

I spend my break playing with it… it seems quite common IMO (i still personally prefer maya’s software render or mental ray.)

SO, i would like to trully test the renderer and see why everybody talks so highly of it. But i have no clue on what should i pull or settings to try so i can have a good understanding of the thing.

I found a couple of renderman tutorials, but it seems they are quite different from the maya version.
I played with the odd settings from the render menu but they dont give too much room on setting things, i also noticed there is a basic renderman shader but Coudnt find a way for my lights to cast shadows or an object to work as a light source…etc.

Anyone knows where i could find some tutorials about it?


for renderman tutorial go to this url dont worry it’s a greman sit but it’s in english


Awesome link, thanks!


O_O oh my GOD!!!, I was testing renderman again today, and the result is simply Amazing.
With only 3 quick simple lights and i got a WAY FAR better render than all the hassle i go trough setting up the lights to have a desent result.

First renderer i see that trully renders the materials as they where supposed to be and amazingly FAST.

The bad part will be when i finish my modeling work with the company T_T.

How am i going to live without it??? ^^. Ill definitively will save money to purchase this.
TOO amazing to pass it up. It just became a MUST for me.

BTW: thanks for the links… although not renderman tutorials, it shows what it can do.


Well it may not be Renderman for Maya, but Liquid comes in a very close second. I have never used Renderman for Maya, so I can’t tell you how much it compares, but it’s free.

Also since you need a renderer there are 3 good packages to choose from…
Aqsis -
Pixe -
3Delight -

They are free, 3Delight is free for single non-commercial license. Aqsis and Pixie are both Open Source. I use Aqsis and Pixie all the time, and even though I cannot say that any of these are better than PRMan - they come close (you just can’t beat the best).

Also since you are probably used to creating shaders in a GUI, here is a tool that can help generate Renderman shaders.
Shaderman -

Plenty of help forums as well… just Google ‘Renderman’ and a whole world of info is out there.

This is the best option you have, and best of all you don’t have to spend a dime to get it! Grant you it may be harder to use than Renderman for Maya though. Again I haven’t used it.

Hope this helps you out.


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