Renderman for maya


ist out now check it out




Sweet! :beer:



i cant wait to see some stuffest


Wow, it’s finally out! :buttrock:


Nooo waay! Damn no trial version. Now all we have to wait for is Vray and Brazil and the circle will be complete:applause:


Woo… finally!!


woo Have u read the faq?
450$ + for 5 support call !?
and only windows XP (!)


great…so mentalray will not win bt default :wip: :wip: :wip:


It says on the site it is available for Mac OSX.


Ok… i mean… What about win2k ?


Ooops, I misunderstood. Us mac users are kind of self centered.

You do bring up a good point. I don’t use windows as often, but from my experiences and the things I hear from co-workers, Win 2k is rock solid. 'twould be a shame if they did not support that.


Did I read the FAQ right? Does it include unlimited nodes for batch rendering?
It sounds like you buy one license of Rman for Maya and you can render on every machine that has a Maya license. Or am I confused…


Or am I confused…

yes you’re confused…:slight_smile:

that would be to nice of a deal, no you can only render one one Cpu, unless you have a node lock license, if that’s the case you can use all Cpu on you machine obviously…

it’s in FAQ.
anyway this really nice, can’t wait to be able to try it out.



You can use all cpus on a comp, but every cpu renders one frame of an animation.
Testrenderings will only use 1 cpu AFAI understood.


This is great news I cant wait to get my hands on this.

Has anyone seen any reviews from it or something else to read from it (other than the pixars site)?

There was also something on the pixars site that you could download trial version of it with valid credit card number, but now it has dissapeared, so it most propably is not the case anymore?


Nah now you have to buy it but you get 30 day moneyback guarantee. This is very tempting i must say , cant wait to see some user comments on how well its integrated and some renders before doing the purchase.


Yeah, that FAQ isn’t all that clear, I was a bit in the dark on that point even after reading the FAQ.

“As long as there is a Maya license present on each platform, you can run as many copies of RenderMan for Maya as you like in batch mode.”

So what they mean is “a Renderman licence present on each machine” presumably. They really need to rewrite that!

Later they do say :
“When used in this mode, Maya will consume a batch render license and RenderMan for Maya will consume one full license.”

So that’s a bit more clear - but then, what’s a Maya “batch render license”?


“maya batch render license” - is your maya license thats all… just in other words.


I’ll definitely be keeping a lookout for user-renders of Maya Hair and other goodies (caustics, GI, etc.) with this new plug-in. I’m such a sucker for pretty pictures. :smiley:


I’m sure RMFM will put out beautifull pictures, but so can do much renderers.
The real potential looks like to be in rendering animations.


I got my eye on the node locked license, being able to render four frames of animation at a time across 2 Dual Core Opteron cpus, now that would be nice.

I wonder if RM for Maya would work with Syflex and Shave&Haircut?

EDIT: Good news, Just got an email from Pixar and yes Renderman will work with slyfex. They haven’t tested it with Joe Alter’s software but they are talking to him about it right now. sweet!!