Rendering XGEN grass with Vray


Hi guys, I’m starting to learn Xgen and I’m trying to do some realistic grass for a project, using maya 2016 and Vray 3.4. I’m using Groomable Splines and the splines primitives on the description.
On viewport, the splines are planes, like actual grass blades, but they are rendered as tubes, I tried turning of the Tube Shade option, but they still are rendered as tubes.
This is a problem, because the grass kinda looks like fur, and I can’t use the 2 sided material since it has deph.

I’ve been struggling for some time now, and unfortunately most tutorials I find on the internet with XGEN use other renderers, so thanks a lot for the help.


I believe its a vray thing. Vray renders curves as tubes not as flat planes Not sure if there´s anything you can do about that