Rendering within web palette w\o aa


Anybody have an idea on staying within the web palette with no antialiasing when I render out my anims? It’s been a challenge with shading and lights to say the least and I usually have to take frames into ps to clean stuff up!

Your help is much appreciated,


Just do this:

  1. Render to a .TGA sequence with AA turned off.
  2. Stack all files into a multi layered .PSD doc
  3. Send to Image Ready
  4. And turn on and off the layers accordingly based on the timeline function with IR
  5. Save as optimized .GIF

Instant animated web graphics with transparent backgrounds.




Thankyou Policarpo…you rock.



Just to add to what poliocarpo said above: you don’t have to stack all images in a layered PSD file. Just select File > Import > Folder as Frames from ImageReady and it will automatically create a layered PSD file for you with all frames in the correct order.



Doh…thanks Cartesius…that’s correct. Thanks for that tip. :thumbsup:


… and in addition to the two hints above there is no need to stick to the “Web Palette”. It was useful when there were systems around which couldn´t display more than 256 colors but these times are long over.

Just render your sequence as above and do the color/size optimisations in ImageReady; often enough you will get sufficient image quality with even 128 colors or less, of course depending on size and kind of the image. But these colors also can be any color and do need to stick to the (awful) Web Palette.

cheers, me


Thanks again guys,

Web palette is a must in this case…I could go into all that sh*t, but I don’t want to bore you…I work at The Imagination Station where we use 2d digitized cel animation…and now
I get to incorporate some 3d characters into the content…cool



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