Rendering Transparency


Hello guys i have a question , is there a way to render transparency without reflection and specular? because i want to do a tree , and the leafs are just planes with transparency
and for more of popout effect i want to add transarency

P.S i’m using a blinn material


You can turn eccentricity all the way down, alternatively, you can use a lambert. If you want to keep some spec on for the tree leaves, I suggest making a spec map based on the stencil of the alpha channel
Hope that helped


Do a mask for the map in psd. Everything black will be transparent. Everything white will be solid.


i’ve tried doesn’t work

I need the relfection and specularity , and making a stencil doesn’t work


ok guys so i found a way …

i remove the transparency from my matterial
i’ve created a layerd shader , left just 1 layer in the shader on that i connected the blinn shader ( the leaf matterial ) to the color and on transparency i’ve added the mask of the leaf . and changed composit flag from layer shaded to layer texture , assigned the layerd shader to the leafs and work , tought it how to do it last night , first i had the idea to do the same thing with a surface shader , but i tested it and doesn’t work , but with layer shaded works very nice , now no more reflection and specularity in unwanted areas of the object .

Maybe this can help those who look up on the internet for a solution .

Alex From Againstanother


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