Rendering Problem. Png with color and alpha channel to simulate flat shader


I am having a rendering problem with Cinema 4D. The materials that I am creating are from png files with a color and alpha channel. I am placing the materials on 2D planes to simulate flat images. But there is a rendering artifact at the top of these 2D planes, there is a line that is rendering? In the image included I painted red arrows to show the problem area.

Any idea what causes this, an dhow to fix it? I looked at the images in Photoshop and zoomed in to a pixel level and there is nothing there to cause this line to render. Thanks.


This is MIP mapping. basically c4d smooths the textures from one pixel to another, however this also includes the edge pixels wrapping around to the other side.

Either change the mapping type in the material setting, or add a tiny offset/scale on the texture tag. eg change U and V from 100% scale to 100.5%


imagination - Thank you, that was it. But at first it cold not get it to work. But then I figured out that it is not the MIP sampling in the ‘Color’, it was the MIP in the ‘Alpha’. There was no charge at all needed for the Color, just the alpha incase anyone else has this issue.