Rendering Out-of-Safe-Frame area


I have rendered an architectural walkthrough on render farm. I forgot to check the safe frame before sending and after frames are downloaded, I’ve realized that top of the roof was out of the frame.
My image resolution was 1440x810. I can’t render the whole frame again but I need to bring that left-out-portion back into the frame. Is there a way I can render the left out portion as a 1440x150 bar above the frame (with the same perspective) to compose the rendering as 1440x960 in After Effects.

I thought about changing the render resolution to 1440x960 and render the region I want in region render mode, however increasing vertical resolution would increase it in both directions. To compensate, I thought about rendering twice the bar size1440x1110. I wanted to ask you before trying, due to time being. Can you recommend any methods?


You can increase the resolution of the height or width independently if you set the aspect ratio to custom.
*edit: ah, nvm I missunderstood. with both directions you mean the resolution expands on opposite sides…

Maybe, you can rotate the camera until the extra part (the roof) becomes visible to your liking and adjust the ‘tilting’ of the camera to correct/match the perspective difference? Im not sure though as I rarely use it.


If you use a Skew modifier on the camera and choose the right axis you can shift the image plane to the area you want to expand to. Then you’d use crop mode and render the area out. It should match perfectly, make a test to be sure.


Ahh… yes, I’m an idiot… you can just shift the camera lens indeed.


Martin Breidt’s Overscan script works well for expanding the rendered area on a per pixel base. (+ Region render)


Sounds like this should work, it worked fine on a fast test I just did. Maybe you’ll want to include a portion of the original in your new bar to be able to apply gradient transparency in case there was a hard line between the old and new renders due to random sampling.


Just shifting the lens up will do (and is the simplest option, in my opinion). Just go to the perspective control rollout in your physical camera and mess with the vertical shift until you have what you need in frame. Perspective is guaranteed to remain the same