Rendering .MOV format - no audio?


I couldn’t find a solution to this problem is there any update? In 3dsmax 2017, when I render the same scene in .avi format sound is rendered ok, but when I render to .mov there’s no sound in video.
I need .mov because I want to render video with alpha channel. As far as I know only quicktime .mov can record alpha channel ?

So is there a fix to this problem, or how can I add audio to .mov file but to not change video stream?


Video format support is very limited, because rarely do people use it. If you want alpha support then there’s plenty of image formats that have that. It’d be better to render to one of those formats and then join it with audio and export to video in whatever video program you want to use.


Yeah 3ds max really is more focused at getting raw renders out


Is there other video formats to support alpha except .mov?
I tried ti open rendered .mov file in virtualdub and avidemux but it is not supported. Which video format to use so that I can have alpha and sound?


What’s the purpose of having the alpha? You can’t do anything with the transparency outside of some other program–for example you could use a video inside a software program you have designed so that you can layer it on other elements, but the standard video players can’t do anything with the alpha.


I think some avi codecs support alpha channels though…

Yup, after a quick google: Lagarith for example supports RGBA
I’m not sure if 3ds max supports saving the alpha channel in an avi though.

Once you get used to rendering as image sequences though, you’ll never want to go back to rendering to avi’s or mov’s directly. Just try it.
It has nothing but advantages:

  • Corrupt frames can easily be rerendered individually instead of having to rerender the whole movie/sequence.
  • Floating point (exr)
  • All the render passes your render support.