rendering issues


I have a pretty fast system, and the rendering is really slow. i must have a setting set too high , or something. I an’t figure out which one though. what are some of your beginning settings?


k, i figured it was my BG object… i shut it off and it works allright now…


how can I leave my BG image on without it blocking the photons? i remember
we went over it, but i can’t find it in my notes.

I also have a transparency map… with my branches. but it just seems to slow everything down as well…any advice?


You can hide an object from the GI Calculations by changing its mental ray attributes in the object’s transformation node.

-select the object
-bring up the attribute editor, it will likely start on the shape node of the object.
-Use the tabs at the top of the attribute editor to select the transformation node. It is usually on the far left and will have all the translate/rotate/scale informaiton
-fold out the mental ray section
-uncheck ‘Derive from Maya’
-Set the Globillum pulldown to hidden


cool… i’m able to show my BG now. So one problem fixed! But, I still can’t get my other backdrop which contains my branches and contain a transparency map which I need to create shadows to work. I posted all my current renders on a new thread. Maybe it will help you understand my dilemna.


Hmmmm… Rather than using a plane with your branch texture, you may want to try applying it directly to the light. You can do this in the same place you set the color of the light. This works best with spotlights, so you may need to switch if you have been using a directional light.

Once you attach the texture to the light, it will throw branch shadows. Then you can just comp your branches into the background image you are using. It should look just about the same.

Good rendering,


THanks rich… I was thinking the same thing, but had some things to take care of before I had a chance to try it… I had a friend in town, and had the unfortunate task of taking him out for a few drinks. :wink: I’ll give it a shot tomorrow…


I replied in the other thread about Direct Illumination Shadow Effects . . .



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