Rendering image planes in Maya (arnold)


I’m having a weird problem with arnold in Maya.

I have a scene where the camera has an image plane. The image plane has the background plate that will go in the final comp. In the scene there is a building (polygons). When I disable the image plane the building renders fine. When I turn on the image plane, the whole scene is black, as well as taking ages for the IPR to start.

All looks fine in the viewport. The image plane has a depth of 10000, which should be fine and also is fine for the viewport.
Not planning to actually render the image plane in the final renders, just use it for reference for lighting etc.

Converted the image from jpg to tif after reading a forum post. Also reduced from 1080 to 720. Now maya quits when I hit the render button…
Also, when I hit the “alpha” button in the render view to see if anything is rendering at all, it’s all black…tried using the “texture” option in the imageplane node instead of “image” but then the size of the image is all wrong, and repeats.