Rendering GI & FG in passes?



Is it possible to render an animation with GI and FG in passes?

I’d like to create a GI pass with is a preset already but there’s no preset for Final Gathering…

So I I just created an empty pass with just Final Gathering turned on and just diffuse. No specular and no shadows… I can render the specular and shadow in another pass.

My question is 2 parts.

1 - Is the above method the correct workflow or do both GI and FG have to be calculated in the same pass?

2- What operater do I use to composite the 2 pass? Over? Or do I need to use a Math operator with add? I tried both but it looks really bad. However when I render both GI and FG together in 1 pass it looks beautiful.

Thanks for your input.



yea id like to know that too… maybe a moderator will shed some knowledge…if i find out anything ill post it up.
good luck


You are correct. You do not have to calculate them in the same pass. What you did: Create a pass for your GI.
Then create an empty pass and turn off GI but turn on FG. Should work fine. I’ve done it before but I can’t remember what operator I used to comp it though. If I get a chance to dig up that scene, I’ll let you know how I did it.





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