rendering displacement in MR with 2 g of ram


Hello ,i am wondering if is really posible to render more than 3 milion polygons displacement mesh in MR for Maya with my configuration :OS windows xp,Core 2 duo 2400,2 G ram …Now that Zbrush is evolving more and more is almost imposible to render in Mr what you achive in ZB3 ,for example :…how i render a character with almost 10 milions polys in MR Maya 8.5 with my configuration? is really posible?Every time is running out of memory …and i do not understand how i use the BSP settings in Maya 8.5 (Memory and performance is moved under the raytarace>acceleration section?Why?or there are other settings for that?)
I am really confused …i need a tutorial for MR Maya 8.5 to physical memory optimization if something like that exist exept the old Gnomon MR stuff…specialy for hard geometry scenes…:scream:


if you rendering it by mentalray for Maya, will costly mistake resulted in flush.
to work by mentalray standalone, it’s best!


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