Rendering animated ramp position in MR


Hi guys, i’ve been having a problem rendering out a shading network in MR. I’m using a plugin to allow set driven key’s to be used with color positions in ramp shaders, which basically amounts to ramp color position changing per frame. The change in ramp color position is visible in the viewport when I increment the timeline, and will render correctly so long as the frame being rendered is the same as the current frame in the timeline. The problem is that when I batch render with MR, the color position from the current frame is kept throughout the entire sequence. Is there a setting or script that will force mental ray to recalculate shader information per frame, or alternately a means of having the current frame automatically set itself to the frame being rendered by the batch renderer? (Like a render frame, increment timeline, render frame, increment timeline type of thing).

Thanks a lot.


Hey Sheldon,
there is a script on Highend 3d, that will open the render view. render frame > save it and move ot teh other
see if that help


Hey CaptainZaltan,

I’ve had the same problem before trying to batch render set driven key to intensity of lights. What I figured you have to do is bake out your animation on the set driven key, so its no longer a set driven key thats driving the animation.

To do that, I believe you have to select your attribute your animating and go under Edit -> Keys -> Bake Simulation. That way, mental ray would not be confused to the sublevel control of ‘Set Driven Keys’.

See if that works!

  • Wesley


Or use expressions, more control as well.


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