Rendering an ignited torch


I want add an ignited torch in the hand of a character…

Where can I find tip or tutorial (or preset) to make this ?!

thanks for help ! :slight_smile:


For the fire I would use HyperVoxels.
You can download a fire preset for HyperVoxels at my site:

Hope that helps! :thumbsup:


if you want a realistic fire, I suggest Pyro of Dynamic-Realities. It’s a great fire.


I recently finished this animation of a torch. The particles were made with OLAS’ “Smoke & Fire Generator” plugin. It was rendered via HyperVoxel sprites.


I also did a little FXLink trickery to attatch light sources to the particles so it looks like the fire itself is casting light.


you can get it using procedurals textures simply. it´s a great way and very simple. try it.


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