Rendering an HDRI Environment Map


Alright so my computer isn’t incredibly fast, but I working on a still where there is a high poly character model in a high poly room. So to keep rendering times lower I was thinking of rendering the room in one pass and then in the process producing an HDRI map from that render.

Then I can use this HDRI map to render the character model and then composite the 2 in photoshop. This will also allow me to tweak the character model without having the render the entire scene again. Any idea how to render an HDRI enviornment map using max?

I tried searching the forums, but no success.


I think that to get the actual enviroment only of the room if you could have a 100% reflective sphere in the centre,then bake in the texture of the sphere using hdri as your image format,then you could use the spherical mapping for your lighting…but even though
you would have a hdri image format for use i don’t think it has the same dynamic range
as those found on the net as they are taken at different exposure levels and then
assembled… it probably is possible to assemble a series of hdri images in max at different exposure levels as max has exposure- controls…but i dont’ know if technically they would be true hdri.
-never done it this way though.-but i have thought of it.


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