Rendering 2 tone renders


Hi guys,

I’ve seen that this can be done in Blender using the shadow pass when rendering, I use 3D Max and Vray, and wondering if theirs anyway to achieve this contrasting 2 tone look?




Use standard material with the self illumination set to color, and set the self illumination as a falloff map with a shadow/light fallouff type, and set the mix curve into a step from black and jumping to white.


Thanks a lot man much appreciated!

I did it but it turns out as a clay render, something like this:


You can use the standard ink’n’paint material. You don’t even need Vray, just render with the standard scanline render (it will be really fast and you don’t need fancy realistic rendering technology to achieve this kind of look).
Set the ‘lighted’ color to white, the ‘shaded’ value to zero and keep the ‘highlight’ checkbox unchecked.
Unchek the ‘ink’ checkbox, unless you want your objects to have outer lines.

Set a standard light (make sure to turn shadows on) and just render with the scanline render. It will look something like this:


Render with scalnline, not V-ray, a more detailed tutorial for this:

By the way, V-ray now has a pretty powerful toon shader, it can do so much more than this, but it might be an over kill for this effect.


Thanks guys, both ways are super cool, really appreciate it!